Prostate Cancer: Don't exceed this amount of ham per day if you don't want to increase your risk

Two slices of ham a day are enough to increase the risk of developing various forms of cancer, as shown by this French study

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There are no longer studies that link the consumption of meat to the onset of cardiovascular diseases, intestinal diseases or some forms of cancer. In particular, it is the processed meats (cured meats, sausages, sausages) that are of greatest concern to scientists due to the presence, within them, of chemical substances added to avoid oxidation and to give the meat their typical red color.

Hams and salamis, therefore, are rich in nitrites and nitrates that are anything but good for our health. Obviously, the use of these substances is regulated by specific laws, which set a maximum limit of 150 micrograms per kilogram of product. However, both nitrites and nitrates combine with the proteins present inside our stomach and are transformed into nitrosamines, highly carcinogenic substances. (Also Read: 10 Reasons To At Least Eliminate Red Meat From Your Diet)

A systematic review

Here then is that the consumption of cured meats and processed meats is associated with a higher risk of cancer incidence, as confirmed by a new French study that recorded the eating habits of more than 100.000 people over a period of seven years. The researchers paid particular attention to the different types of cured meats consumed by the participants, the frequency, brand and quantity of product consumed.

The result was a clear correlation between exposure to nitrites and nitrates used as food additives and the increase in the onset of cancer: out of the total number of people followed by researchers, 3.311 cases of cancer were diagnosed - the most common in the breast. and the prostate, where there was an increased risk of developing the disease.

What is the quantity of ham that exposes us to the risk of cancer?

According to the researchers, this is a very small quantity, which is not difficult to consume (or to make our children consume): in fact, it is just enough two slices of ham a day (corresponding to 0,25 micrograms of nitrites) to increase the risk of developing prostate cancer in men by 58% and the risk of breast cancer in women by 25%.

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Fonte: International Journal of Epidemiology

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