Hypertension: Top 10 Drinks That Lower Blood Pressure

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What are the best drinks that have been shown to help you fight high blood pressure? We list ten, all to try

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More and more people are suffering from hypertension and are looking for help in medications to keep their blood pressure under control. However, not everyone knows that it is possible to put into practice some natural tricks that help to stem the problem, starting with what you drink every day.

High blood pressure is a condition characterized by high blood pressure in the arteries. This means that the minimum and maximum pressure values ​​are constantly kept above the normal values. The possible causes of hypertension are many, including stress, poor eating habits, smoking, poor physical activity. It often happens that as we age, hypertension worsens, due to the stiffening of the blood vessel walls, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

There are some natural solutions that can help keep high blood pressure under control, without necessarily having to resort to drugs. What we present to you today is a list of the 10 best natural drinks that lower blood pressure.


Garlic tea

Garlic is a food with multiple properties and benefits. It is particularly indicated in case of hypertension, due to its ability to act on blood pressure. This happens thanks to a compound of sulfur present in it, allicin, a substance with high antihypertensive properties.

Garlic tea is also a great cleansing and anti-inflammatory remedy. Preparing it is very simple: in a saucepan with water add the peeled and cut garlic cloves. Bring to the boil. Once removed from the heat, add lemon or honey to the drink to taste. (Read also: Hypertension: the very easy drink to prepare at home to lower blood pressure in a few minutes)

Beetroot juice


La beet is another food rich in properties, highly recommended for treating high blood pressure. It is a vegetable rich in iron, phosphorus and potassium, a real natural tonic. It has been confirmed that drinking at least 250ml of beetroot juice per day also helps fight high blood pressure.

Preparing this drink is extremely simple. All you need is beetroot and a juice extractor or juicer. Once the beetroot has been cut into cubes, simply transfer it to the extractor to immediately obtain an excellent juice to taste. (Read also: Hypertension: This purple drink "significantly" lowers high blood pressure. The study)

Blueberry juice

According to one study of King's College London, published in the Journal of Gerontology Series A, blueberries are highly effective natural antihypertensive agents. Their daily consumption, in the long term, guarantees excellent results on blood pressure control. The merit is all of the anthocyanins (which give the typical blue color to blueberries), a type of phytochemical with valuable antioxidant properties. The recommended doses are around 200g of blueberries per day. A valid and equally good alternative is to use blueberries to make an excellent homemade fruit juice.


Karkadè is the infusion obtained from the fleshy chalice of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. The result is a drink with an intense red color and a slightly sour taste. It is an extremely thirst-quenching drink with multiple benefits. In particular, one search conducted by a group of experts from Tufts University in Medford, in the United States, revealed the great antihypertensive properties of karkadè. Consuming about 3 cups of this tea a day helps keep blood pressure at normal levels, helping to prevent the progression of high blood pressure to more severe hypertension.

Coconut water

Coconut water is a 100% natural drink; it is the juice present in the internal cavity of the coconuts. It is characterized by its sweet and finely earthy flavor. It has numerous beneficial properties. In particular, it is widely used for the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate, factors that contribute to keeping hypertension under control. Recommended regularly drink a glass in the morning.

Cardamom seeds herbal tea


Cardamom is a type of spice obtained from the processing of the seeds of the tropical herbaceous plant, Elettaria cardamomum. The main component of cardamom is its essential oil to which numerous beneficial properties are attributed, including digestive, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, one study conducted in December 2009 published in the Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics, revealed the great incidence of cardamom on blood pressure. A herbal tea of ​​cardamom, along with ginger and cinnamon, helps circulation and reduces high pressure levels.

Infusion of lime

Linden is a genus of plant known for its many beneficial properties. It is widely used in particular for its sedative properties, able to calm anxiety and insomnia. It also has a vasodilating action, which thins the blood and thus helps prevent venous stasis. It is therefore recommended the daily intake of 2-3 cups of lime infusion to control high pressure.

Tomato juice

Another extremely effective natural drink for treating hypertension is tomato juice. One study conducted in Japan has shown that unsalted tomato juice in some individuals can help regulate blood pressure levels. However, this drink cannot be said to be an effective substitute for medical treatment. (Read also: Tomato juice to lower blood pressure and cholesterol)

Plum juice

Plums are known for their highly laxative properties. However, this is not the only benefit that can be obtained from consuming this fruit. Plums are a rich source of potassium and vitamin K. Studies demonstrate how they are of great help in supporting normal blood pressure. The daily consumption of prunes and in particular of the excellent prune juice therefore helps to normalize blood pressure values.

Pomegranate juice

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Pomegranate is known to be a real cure-all for our body. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant action, this fruit helps keep the skin and kidneys healthy. the liver, the immune, gastrointestinal and above all circulatory systems. E' state established as a daily, regular and prolonged consumption of pomegranate juice, you significantly lower blood pressure levels, bringing it back to its normal values.

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