In Bangladesh, the Minister of Agriculture urges citizens to consume less rice, but is overwhelmed by criticism

The Bangladeshi Minister of Agriculture urged the population to consume less rice without taking into account the high level of poverty

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The population of the Bangladesh is distinguished by the excessive consumption of rice. It is, in fact, the country that consumes the most in the world. The Bangladeshi Minister of Agriculture Abdur Razzaque warned about the dangers associated with an (almost) not varied diet. Last Sunday he spoke during a demonstration organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh's independence.

“Per capita consumption of rice in Bangladesh is 400 grams per day, the highest in the world. In many countries, the average consumption of rice is only 200 grams per day, ”the minister stressed, urging everyone to eat less rice and to opt for more nutritious foods, such as fruit. 

Consuming too much rice can lead to various health problems, including heart disease (due to arsenic) and diabetes. 

Rain of criticism after the speech of the Minister of Agriculture 

As it is easy to imagine, the speech given by Minister Razzaque sparked a wave of controversy among Bangladeshi citizens. And the posts of various national newspapers reporting the news were flooded with comments full of anger and, in some cases, sarcasm. 

The rich eat less rice, eat a variety of exotic fruits, including almonds, dates, apples, malt ”- writes one user - And there is beef, mutton, lamb. The poor laughed, bread. It's hard to survive if they don't. don't eat it.

Someone, however, made fun of the minister's speech, commenting "If you increase the price of rice a little more, people will not be able to buy it".

In fact, most people living in Bangladesh would happily do without rice. But he just can't afford it. 

It is not a question of eating less - underlines the economist Nazneen Ahmed - People will eat what is most readily available, what is available at low cost. Rice is the most easily purchased food in Bangladesh. That's why people here eat it. If he could buy an alternative food to fill his stomach, he would eat it. 

In short, the Minister of Agriculture may well be right but - as pointed out by many citizens of Bangladesh - perhaps he should have thought more about the real reasons that push the population to consume so much rice. 

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