This organic farm pays you to taste 12 bottles of home wine

A wine company is looking for a summer wine taster: paid to drink the famous nectar of the gods and sponsor him on social media

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If your dream is to spend the summer sipping organic wine in the garden, then you cannot fail to participate in the Vintage Root selection and become professional tasters.

Do you consider yourselves true connoisseurs? Do the most varied flavors of red, white or rosé wine have no secrets for you? You could consider the offer in question which not only allows you to taste organic wines, but also to earn 250 pounds (just over 270 euros). Here's how to get involved.

The announcement is posted on the website of Vintage Roots, an organic wine company, which offers the possibility of getting paid to taste bottles of wine. Clearly it is not a full-time job offer, the managers of the company specify, but an announcement to become the summer wine taster and therefore be able to receive the Organic Everyday Case and a Rosé Summer Six.

How to participate?

Joining is very simple - registration is open to UK residents aged 18 and over. Interested wine enthusiasts are asked to follow the company's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and tag the company in a photo showing the candidate with a glass of wine and the hashtags #summerwinetaster #comewinewithme. From these images, the future taster will be chosen who will have the task of tasting the wines and providing feedback on the product to those directly involved.

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Registration is open until August 31st and the winner will be announced on September 4th and there is also a small profit. The taster will then be asked to share photos and videos of their favorite Vintage Roots products.

A perfect job for those who love a good glass and for those who want to have a different experience (but remember to drink responsibly!). For more info CLICK HERE

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