If you are allergic to grass pollen, you should be careful about eating these 10 fruits as well

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If you have a grass allergy, there are some fruits that could make allergic reactions even worse. Let's find out which ones.

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Did you already know some pollen allergies can they be aggravated by certain foods? These are the so-called cross allergies, allergic reactions triggered by apparently unrelated causes, in particular between pollen and foods of plant origin. The cause is an immune response to similar proteins.

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The foods not recommended vary according to the allergies but are to be evaluated case by case, since cross allergies are not always activated with all foods. In particular, for those suffering from allergy to grasses the fruits to avoid are:

  1. melon,
  2. tomato,
  3. watermelon,
  4. orange (citrus),
  5. kiwi,
  6. apricot,
  7. Cherry,
  8. fishing,
  9. almond,
  10. plum,

Furthermore, we should be careful to also consume wheat and corn which are not really fruits, but cereals and which can still develop episodes of cross allergy.

Allergies are caused by an excessive response of the immune system towards substances that are generally not dangerous for the body. To trigger this response are the proteins present in the substance you are allergic to. In the case of cross-allergies, these fragments are present in proteins of different origins, such as a pollen and a fruit. So it can happen that those who are allergic to pollen are also allergic to food. With the intake of some fruits, therefore, problems such as itching, swellings and appearance of blisters in the mouth.

How can we avoid cross allergies? If you are allergic to pollen, find out which foods may present a risk and avoid consuming them when pollen is most present in the environment. The allergy vaccine and cooking food could reduce the allergenicity of those fruits.

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Fonti: NCBI / American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

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