Your natural pharmacy: remedies and necessary for small daily problems

just as often our mothers have taught us that "having a kit of useful over-the-counter medicines at home is a good habit" maybe replace some (or sometimes all) with as many "medicines of nature" in the form of herbs, flowers, spices or roots it is not only useful but it is also healthy ...

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

Choose one life as natural and respectful as possible it does not only mean being careful about what you eat, choosing the biodynamic or organic or try to use more the driving force of your body and not that of a motor vehicle for our movements.

Another thing this choice falls on is avoid taking synthetic drugs to address the little big ailments or annoyances to your health in your daily life. Then choose to act cooperating with the defenses of our organism it really seems the correct choice and so if someone asks me what to take if I have a headache, my answer is nothing: I just wait for it to pass giving my body the chance to fight its battle with a little cooperation from me. I drink a lot of water, eat some fruit and close my eyes trying to rest for as long as necessary.

Resuming to listen to the rhythms of oneself also means understand that sometimes the body communicates with us and that we do not understand what he wants to tell us….

But, if someone asked me instead what do i do if i get burnt with a pot or if I have a little color on my back after I have been in the garden then my answer would be very different ..

In fact, for years I have understood that, just as often our mothers have taught us that “aHaving a kit of useful over-the-counter medicines at home is a good habit"Maybe replace some (or sometimes all) with as many"medicines of the natura "in the form of herbs, flowers, spices or roots is not only useful but also healthy ...

I recommend, it is understood that I'm talking about all those minor problems and related over-the-counter medications… Absolutely nothing that could relate to prescriptions relating to serious and / or chronic illnesses or problems and in any case it is always good to contact your doctor for any doubts ...

My Natural Health Kit Contains:

*sodium bicarbonate

if digestion is a tantrum or if I have mild heartburn ...

*fennel seeds, cardamom, cumin and star anise

to be taken in the form of herbal tea when I have eaten too much or if I feel that digestion is having a tantrum ... and the next day a couple of herbal teas with chicory root to purify the liver and kidneys

*a plant of Aole Vera

I cut a small piece of leaf and spread the gel contained on the burn ... it passes in a breath!

* a sage plant

if I suffer from bad breath, a leaf chewed for a few minutes refreshes the breath

* when I suffer from insomnia what it takes is a herbal tea lemon balm, passion flower, escolzia and orange blossom

* to relax I do one herbal tea with hawthorn, chamomile and lemon balm

* when I get there fever and I want to make her come down I put on a pair of terry socks and soak them in wine vinegar, I keep them on for an hour and ... the fever goes down

* Altea, erisimo and eucalyptus

taken in the form of herbal tea they serve me for calm cough and they help me get rid of phlegm (and in case of laryngitis and pharyngitis they are really a godsend!)

*per stuffy nose and breathing difficulties caused by colds I use thesulphurous salsobromoiode thermal water (like the water of Sirmione ...) and in a flash I breathe perfectly!

* cloves, cinnamon and ginger

always in the form of herbal tea when my throat inflames and I'm still at the beginning ... so I stop it in the bud ...

* for constipation

in addition to drinking a lot of water, if you really need what helps me is drinking half a glass of water (rich in mucilage) in which I soaked a tablespoon of flax seeds the previous night ...

* cloves

only one chewed where there is pain slightly anesthetizes and calms the pain ... (obviously in the meantime I am waiting to go to the dentist!)

* pickled gherkins

impossible to believe but if nausea torments me a gherkin makes me go through everything ...

* calendula cream

perfect for burns, sunburn or skin irritation such as from insect bites

* zinc oxide paste

excellent if I have irritation, erythema, eczema, sores or inflammation in general

*crema all’arnica

obviously a cure-all for muscle pain of any kind, massaged on the affected part twice a day really works wonders ...

* tea tree essential oil

it is practically useful for almost anything ... from cold sores to mouth ulcers, from boils to insect bites, from mycosis to warts ... in short, it is the number one weapon for our defense ... but be careful, like all oe it must be used with extreme caution and never if pregnant ...

*camomilla ed eyebright

they are perfect in case of eye irritation, when they burn or tear ...

* mallow and cloves

a herbal tea to rinse ... it is perfect for gum irritation, soothes and disinfects

* yarrow and marigold flowers to combat painful periods.

Kia - Carmela Giambrone

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