Hibiscus Infusion: With 3 cups a day, high blood pressure has its days numbered

Hibiscus Infusion: With 3 cups a day, high blood pressure has its days numbered

With 3 cups of hibiscus tea a day, high blood pressure is numbered! Thanks to some of its beneficial properties.

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Who would have thought that theibisco was a precious ally of health? Well, to prove this were several studies including a research of 2004, which intended to analyze theefficacy against hypertension, comparing it with the chemical compound captopril, used to counteract high blood pressure.

The extract of Hibiscus Sabdariffa, on all subjects examined with diastolic and systolic pressure, proved to be more effective, in the long term, than the drug. This is due to his vasodilating action and the ability to inhibit the absorption of calcium ions.

And apparently 3 cups a day would be enough to considerably reduce the pressure!

Hibiscus plant: what it is and where it comes from

The hibiscus, the flowers of which are used in the preparation of carcadè, karkadè or Abyssinian red tea, belongs to the Malvaceae family and is a shrub originally from Asia Minor, also widespread in our latitudes, of which they exist over 200 species.

It is believed to have arrived in Europe thanks to an expedition by the Flemish ambassador Ghislain de Busbeck, who brought several copies to Holland. The shrub it can exceed 2 meters in height and it is often grown in gardens for ornamental purposes.

When it comes used in the preparation of herbal teas and infusions, it has a characteristic reddish color, due to the presence in the glass of specific substances with this color.

Hibiscus: ally against high blood pressure

Anyone with hypertension can benefit from properties of hibiscus why it contains many polyphenols, which in addition to eliminating toxins and harmful substances, promote diuresis and at the same time thin the blood.

On average, according to a study conducted on the effects of hibiscus infusions against high blood pressure from Tufts University in Medford, that would be enough 3 cups a day of 240 ml each, for 6 weeks, to lower it considerably, thus reducing the risks of related diseases, such as stroke, heart failure, premature death and coronary heart disease.

Both subjects suffering from systolic and diastolic pressure benefited, as demonstrated during the study, which showed significant reductions in both patients. Not to mention that its properties do not end there: hibiscus is also antiseptic, diuretic, digestive, anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins and useful for the liver.

The ideal is to consume it in the form of an infusion or herbal tea, except during pregnancy and breastfeeding, periods in which it is better not to drink too much, still consulting your doctor, although it does not have particular side effects.

How to prepare the hibiscus tea? Very simple, just pour a tablespoon of flowers into a cup of boiling water, leaving it to infuse for about ten minutes.

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