Jin Shin Jyutsu: regain energy in just 15 minutes, an ancient Japanese technique

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Jean Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese technique that allows us to give energy to our body thanks to the use of fingers and their pressure. It is a powerful tool for increasing body awareness and can represent, according to Japanese tradition, a self-healing technique.

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Il Jin Shin Jyutsu it is an ancient Japanese technique which allows us to give energy to our body thanks to the use of fingers and their pressure. It is a powerful tool for raising awareness of the body and can represent, according to the oriental tradition, a self-healing technique.

Il finger massage is based on the idea that in each of us there is alife energy which is part of the infinite universal energy. This energy flows through different levels of the body and, when there is harmony, it flows freely without hindrance.

Finger pressure and finger massage facilitate the natural flow of energy. The goal of this technique is to create a path that allows us to find our harmony and rebalance our energy. The energy imbalance it is caused both by physical ailments and by problems involving the emotional sphere, such as anxiety and worry.

The method is based on a very simple concept: an organ corresponds to each finger point of the hand indicated or a part of our body and, in turn, each organ is associated with a specific emotion.

In this technique, the fingers and areas of the hand that are related to the organs and organs are gently massaged emotions on which we want to intervene.

To put this technique into practice, the advice is to massage each finger for three minutes. Always bring your awareness to each finger during the massage and be in the "here and now".

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The thumb symbolizes the arms and stomach. The emotions connected to the stomach are theanxiety and trough. Symptoms that help us identify these conditions are nervousness, abdominal pain and headache.


The index finger is connected to the kidneys and bladder. The emotions prevailing are confusion and fear. To identify that we are experiencing this condition, the most common symptoms are problems with the digestive system, back pain and toothache.


The middle finger represents the liver. As you may already know, the liver is the organ connected to anger. Symptoms to watch out for are migraines, vision problems and frequent fatigue.


The ring finger is the finger of the hand that connects to the colon and lungs. The emotions and moods in this case are pessimism, sadness, pain and suffering. Symptoms are mainly digestive disorders, asthma and respiratory problems.

Little finger

Let's not forget the importance of the little finger. In fact, the little finger is the finger tied to the heart andintestine tenuous. Massaging this finger can be helpful in finding relief for problems involving these organs. From an emotional point of view, the little finger is related to the tendency to pretend and hide the truth.

Finger pressure and finger massage (you can dedicate yourself to each finger one at a time) is a very relaxing exercise to be practiced even daily for 15 minutes a day.

To proceed, massage each finger for 3 minutes, in the morning or in the evening. The advice is to massage the left hand in the morning and the right hand in the evening.

You can combine this technique with Yoga and meditation for the benefits related to relaxation of the mind and body.

Did you already know this technique? Did you find it beneficial?

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