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5 tips to face the return of autumn.

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Welcome September! Sparkling air and finally a little breath, but not all that glitters is gold. Beyond the resumption of the usual routine that could also make you fall into a mild depression and an unpleasant one post holiday anxiety, the decidedly cooler days and the sudden changes in temperature between day and night could also make you feel exhausted and with zero immune defenses.

A slow recovery, in short, and a wake up from summer revelry to start life again at full speed and on the right foot. But if it seems more complicated than it actually is, know that it is possible to fight the malaise of the change of season with a few simple moves.

Just take some time, don't rush and learn to listen to your body. And if, at any time of the day, you let yourself be pampered (even) by a good herbal tea, that's it.

Here are 5 tips to face the return of autumn:


Slow down

This is the number one rule: stay active, but you will necessarily have to slow down and not throw yourself headlong into new things to do. Slow! The coming season is par excellence that of interiority and reflection, woe to miss this opportunity: read a book, do a crossword puzzle, see a good movie or knit or dedicate yourself to decupage.


As always, choose seasonal products: fruit and vegetables in warm colors that will prepare you for winter. Purify your organism, your organism, forget the binges and resume the healthy habit of having a breakfast, with fresh fruit, whole grains, dried fruit or oil seeds.

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Intestine and immune defenses

It may happen that with the change of season you also suffer from constipation and dehydration in the intestine. All you need to do is drink a few more glasses of water or recover intestinal regularity with aloe juice, flax seeds or chia seeds.
If, on the other hand, you have the feeling that your immune system is running out of steam, season your recipes with ginger and turmeric, consume fresh berries, take probiotics and fermented foods and drink some echinacea herbal tea regularly.

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Physical Activity

Just the sweet one and don't overdo it. Even some walks in the fresh air they can be used to give the body the right charge and make sure that winter does not take you lazy and dangerously sedentary. Yoga, Pilates or a gentle gymnastics course are also useful.

Herbal teas against stress

If stress and fatigue are gripping you, some easy to prepare natural herbal teas and excellent to taste can be of great help. To enjoy a moment of well-deserved relaxation, in fact, there is nothing better than a nice relaxing herbal tea, which promotes good rest and prepares the body for a restful sleep.

If you are often anxious, therefore, and even with rapid heartbeats and nerves on the edge of your skin, you could try the hawthorn herbal tea. If you are feeling a lot of pressure, you could try to relax, instead, with a lavender tea or, before bedtime, with lemon balm.

Very easy to prepare, for example, is the Coop green live lemon balm infusion, made with plants obtained according to organic methods. With an aromatic and intense taste, the infusion has a beneficial relaxing effect and is therefore suitable for those suffering from insomnia. Furthermore, lemon balm contributes to digestion, to lower fever and to eliminate excess toxins.

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