Teeth: how sugary, high-glycemic foods destroy the oral microbiome of women over 50

A new study has shown that consuming sugary, high-glycemic foods worsens the oral health of postmenopausal women.

Il oral microbiome it is the ecological community of microorganisms and bacteria present in our mouth. It plays a crucial role in maintaining oral homeostasis, protecting the oral cavity and preventing the development of possible diseases, such as caries o periodontal diseases. (Also Read: These Seemingly Healthy Habits Damage Your Oral Health)

I foods that we eat every day affect the composition of the bacteria (both good and bad) that are present inside the oral cavity. Researchers from the University of Buffalo have shown how the consumption of certain types of foods affects the oral microbiome of women in postmenopausal phase, especially sugary and high-glycemic foods. Let's see why.

A systematic review

In the study published in Nature, the team of researchers analyzed how carbohydrates, sucrose and the normal XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar that we consume each day affects the composition of oral bacteria in a sample of 1.204 women over 50. The samples were not taken from the bacteria present in saliva as is normally done in scientific research, but from those found in the subgingival plaque, as this is where those oral bacteria involved in the development of periodontal disease reside.

The researchers were able to confirm a positive association between total carbohydrates, glycemic load and sucrose and Streptococcus mutans, which contributes to the caries and some types of cardiovascular diseases. The study also showed that a high sugar intake leads to the presence of Leptotrichia, a bacterium associated with the development of gingivitis.

Amy Millen, one of the researchers, said:

As more studies are conducted examining the oral microbiome […] we may begin to make better inferences about how diet relates to the oral microbiome and periodontal disease.

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Fonte: Nature

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