Hair removal: how to remove hair at no cost (and naturally)

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Hair removal: is there a cheaper solution? How to remove hair at no cost and, above all, without chemicals?

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Painless and inexpensive hair removal? It would take a miracle. Against the shaggy and irritating hair in parts that you thought was impossible to grow life, shaving becomes a mystical experience of self-harm and pure masochism. From head to toe, shaving is something that most would definitely like to avoid, if only after a week you are full back. But is there at least a cheaper solution? How hair removal at no cost and, above all, without chemicals?

From sugar to cotton threads, passing through the classic razor blade and the dreaded traditional waxing, the female universe is a variegated world that oscillates in the disconsolate conviction that those hairs - you want it or you don't want it - must be removed. The only thing is that we would like at the same time: practicality, sweetness, inexpensiveness and a result how much more permanent bases is possible. Getting to know George Clooney in person is probably easier.

What we have left, a bit like the baby who gropes in an effort to know the world through his own hands, is to let ourselves be guided by our instinct as females to board and declare war on the fur not even a mouse appeared before our eyes.

We try, we experiment, we look for the method that best suits our needs and we check from time to time.

Here are some methods to remove hair at no cost:

First, let's make a distinction: in some cases we will talk about hair removal, in others of hair removal. With hair removal, surface hair is eliminated without also acting on the hair bulb; while epilation consists in the elimination of hair at the root. With epilation, therefore, hair grows back much slower than with depilation.


The razor blade

Most of us are probably quite familiar with this option, but shaving works by only cutting hair at the skin level. How bad does it hurt? Shaving - suitable for legs, arms, armpits and a little less for the groin - is practically painless, as long as you are careful not to cut yourself.

To soften the skin before shaving, use a hair conditioner or a aloe vera gel (to be applied afterwards too). And to make shaving as less irritating as possible, exfoliate the skin before shaving and pass the blade only in the direction of the hair and in the shower.

Using the razor blade is quick and easy, but since hair is only removed at the skin level, it usually grows back in 1-3 days. When buying, choose razors with interchangeable heads.

The tweezers (tweezing)

Dear old woman tweezers. Each woman has one (two, three ...) and can never miss a daily brushing with her majesty the tweezers. If you see a hair out of place, go for tweezers, if the bikini isn't perfectly tidy, go for tweezers, eyebrows and tweezers perfect combination. What the British call "tweezing" is nothing more than a game of tweezers, certainly limited to more or less small areas.

Of course, it's not completely painless, but removing hair in the right direction (that of growth) and not plucking it already has its advantages.

Buying a good pair of tweezers is ideal if you want to remove root hair properly. Obviously, there are from the most expensive to the cheapest and the difference in their quality can be seen simply by squeezing the tips. The advice is to buy tweezers with a non-slip grip and replace them if the two ends are misaligned.

Il threading

From "threads" which in English means threads, and are those of cotton that are intertwined to pull the hair at the root. Also known by the name "tying" (to tie) or "khite" in Arabic, the ancient threading technique - mainly used for the eyebrows, the part above and below the lips, the cheeks and the chin - consists in using precisely a cotton thread, closed to form a ring, twisted several times on itself. By "sliding" the twisted part on the skin, the thread captures and extracts the hair.

It is not exactly simple: for this method it takes dexterity and dexterity, but it seems to have excellent results.

On the web there are several tutorials here and there, here is one:

Arabic caramel wax

A "sweet" waxing and certainly more sustainable for the environment, Cleopatra's Gold, oriental waxing or caramel waxing is a technique that does not irritate the skin and does not damage the capillaries and consists in boiling for a few minutes two handfuls of sugar in half a glass of water.

Here you will find all the indications and steps to make an amazing caramel wax.

Cream depilatoria fai-da-te

With Aleppo soap, honey, water or lemon. gives us a lot of ideas to make a completely natural hair removal cream at home.

Here is the recipe for the oil depilatory cream:

Melt together 2/3 of coconut oil with 2/3 of shea butter or shea nut oil, then turn off the heat and add 1/4 cup of olive or grapeseed oil. When everything has melted, add 10-20 drops of an essential oil and pour the mixture into a bowl to put in the fridge.

Before using it, let the cream soften and add 2 teaspoons of baking soda (excellent exfoliant). Blend until the ingredients are well blended and applied to the area to be depilated. Then rinse thoroughly.

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