Tabata method: what an interval workout is and how it works that makes you train in just 4 minutes

Let's discover the tabata method, the high intensity training that helped singer Noemi lose weight and get back in shape

Let's discover the tabata method, the high intensity cardio workout that awakens the metabolism

Il Tabata method it is a type of high-intensity training that has actually existed for a long time but is now back in the limelight after the singer Noemi, who has recently appeared in great shape, practiced it successfully. Let's see what it consists of.

You will surely have seen the photos of the "new" Noemi in recent days, the singer has visibly lost weight and sports a dazzling shape, happy with her change. Among the "secrets" of this transformation there is, in addition to a healthy diet and a targeted diet, a very specific training, known as the Tabata method.


What is the Tabata method

First of all we need to specify that it is a high intensity workout, therefore not suitable for everyone.

The Tabata method was born in the 90s, created by the Japanese doctor of the same name. It is a short but very intense workout that is part of the workouts known as HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, of which it is a variant.

In practice you have to perform a sequence of interval exercises: for 20 seconds at maximum intensity and for 10 seconds in passive recovery. Repeating this pattern 8 times.

A lightning-fast workout that it only lasts 4 minutes overall and whose purpose is to tone the body, stimulate metabolism and thus promote fat burning and weight loss.

A sequence that, however, also has the advantage of increasing resistance and can be performed practically anywhere, in a very short time.

How is Tabata training done?

The Tabata workout consists of a warm-up phase ranging from 5 to 10 minutes (you can perform a light run on the spot, a brisk walk, a few minutes of hopping or other) and then move on to the real exercises that include each 2 stages:

Stress phase: 20 seconds at full speed

Recovery phase: 10 second pause


The cycle must be repeated 8 times and no tools are needed. The workout (excluding warm-up and cool-down) lasts about 4 minutes but the most trained can also choose to increase the repetitions and the duration of the workout.

There is no real sequence of exercises to do but you can choose between different options to be evaluated according to your needs and abilities. In particular:

  • squatting
  • plank
  • side plank
  • jumping jack
  • push-ups and push-ups
  • alternate leg lunges
  • mountain climber
  • burpees
  • jump rope
  • high knee ride
  • abdominal crunch

At the end of the exercises it is a good idea to cool down for about 10-15 minutes.


As we said, it is an intense workout that therefore puts a lot of effort on the cardiovascular system, consequently it is not suitable for everyone. Beginners or untrained people should avoid it or get to do it gradually, after first going through lighter types of training.

Those 10 seconds of recovery, in fact, are not enough for those who are not already trained on average. You are therefore exposed to injuries and possible unwanted side effects. It is always better to ask your doctor for advice and do a check up, before undergoing training of this intensity.

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