Postural gymnastics: all the benefits and exercises to do at home

What are the benefits of postural gymnastics? And the best exercises to do at home?

Do not store avocado like this: it is dangerous What are the benefits and advantages of postural gymnastics? Is it possible to practice it from home too? Which esercizi try to do to improve our posture?

Correct posture? Almost always unknown. Hours in the office in front of a PC or an absolutely wrong way of walking were not enough, in recent times there has also been the disproportionate use of smartphones that leads to serious back and neck problems. But there is a way to remedy ailments of this nature: turn off cell phones and do some postural gymnastics, very useful even if done by yourself.

La postural gymnastics is one of those "sweet activities"Which can also be carried out at home. Just do it right to get a marked improvement in joint mobility, increase the elasticity of muscle tissue and other benefits.

Muscle and joint pains, headaches and circulation problems are all ailments that can be linked to one incorrect posture. Therefore, keeping the spine aligned primarily means protecting the health of the whole body. But what is good posture and why is it so important?


Postural gymnastics all the benefits

Basically, the stance refers toalignment and positioning of the body compared to gravitational force. Whether we are standing, sitting or lying down, gravity exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles, and good posture involves distributing the force of gravity throughout our body.

Posture affects daily activities such as walking and running, as well as jumping, lifting weights, or performing other activities. Thanks to its many benefits, such as ease of movement, good balance of muscle strength and flexibility, the correct positioning of the spinal column is also ideal for the correct functioning of the internal organs. Not only that: sitting and standing with adequate postural alignment will allow you to work more efficiently with less fatigue and less strain on the ligaments and muscles.

With a constant and regular postural gymnastics results in a marked improvement in the mobility of the joints and a wider elasticity of the muscle tissue. Postural gymnastics is optimal not only for those who usually suffer from back pain, but also for those who want to prevent this type of pain. Pain in the shoulders, neck or back can in fact be foreseen and it is important to take them into consideration especially for those who spend most of the day sitting or standing for work.

A good position, standing or sitting, favors the well-being of the organism and makes us more open to the world around us.

Living with poor posture can be a dangerous thing, so much so that the resulting muscle and ligament imbalances can lead to problems as:

  • chronic neck and shoulder pain
  • foot, knee, hip and back injuries
  • headache
  • muscle stiffness
  • fatigue and tiredness
  • muscle atrophy and weakness
  • difficulty breathing
  • digestion problems
  • sciatica
  • carpal tunnel syndrome

In summary, therefore, it is useful to do postural gymnastics and maintain a correct posture because:

  • improves breathing
  • eliminates back pain
  • increases self-esteem, good posture increases self-confidence
  • improves the circulation and digestion, a correct position allows the internal organs of the abdomen to assume their natural position without compression that could interfere with the normal flow and functions of the gastrointestinal system
  • extends movements e helps muscles and joints, because it helps keep bones and joints in proper alignment so that our muscles are used correctly, decreasing wear on the joint surfaces that could cause degenerative arthritis and joint pain
  • relieves the headache
  • reduces the risk of injury
  • prevents joint pain
  • It "opens" the heart and the mind, posture also affects the mind, just as the mind can influence posture. Have you ever noticed that when you feel good and happy your posture tends to be straight and open? Conversely, people who are depressed and have chronic pain often sit poorly

Postural gymnastics exercises

Many oriental practices like it yoga and tai chi work on posture, aiding both relaxation and concentration. In general, however, it is not strictly necessary to take a course or go to the gym: postural gymnastics exercises are easy to perform even at home and are the only ally against all ailments that can affect the neck, shoulders and back.

The most common postural gymnastics exercises:

For the shoulders:

    • Lean your back against the wall and, arms at your sides, flex your legs up to 90 degrees. Maintain this position for 20 to 30 seconds before returning to the original position. Repeat for about ten times. This exercise is useful for relaxing the neck muscles
    • Lie on the floor and rest your buttocks on the soles of your feet. Pull back until your head rests on the ground, with your arms at your sides, and then lift your pelvis by arching your back. Stay in this position for about a minute. This exercise is useful for improving joint mobility and muscle elasticity

For the shoulders and neck:

    • Sit on the floor and cross your legs, keeping your back straight. With a rubber band or towel, raise your arms above your head and pull with both hands. This exercise should be repeated ten times
    • Sit on the floor and cross your legs, keeping your back straight. With your elbows at shoulder height, slowly rotate your arms clockwise while keeping your elbows still

For the back:

    • Sit on the floor and cross your legs, keeping your back straight. From this position, hug your torso as much as possible and flex your head forward. From this position, lean forward slowly and remain still for ten seconds
    • Supine, with your arms at your sides, try to adhere to the ground with the whole lumbar area and from here flex one leg and with the arm affixed, pull it to the chest (if you raise the right leg, use the left arm and vice versa). Hold the position for fifteen seconds and repeat with the other side

For the abs:

Lie on your back and lift your legs first and then your shoulders, keeping everything as straight as possible. Count to fifty by contracting your lower abdominal muscles. Borrowed from pilates, this exercise repeated five times allows you to train the abdominal muscles which, if functioning properly, will not let your back relax.

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For the spine:

  • Lie on your back with your elbows on the floor and, with your abdomen close to the ground, just detach your chest and hold the position. Repeat the exercise
  • Get on all fours looking at the floor. From here, squat with your back stretched and stay in this position as much as possible

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