Nails, the best spies for our health: 10 signs to watch out for

Nails, the best spies for our health: 10 signs to watch out for

Nails not only say a lot about our personality, but they can tell us if there is something wrong with our bodies.

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Tell me what nails you have and I'll tell you how you are. Long and neat or short and nibbled or, again, of irregular dimensions and a little left to themselves: whatever their appearance, the nails of our hands tell a lot about us, our character, our emotions, our anxieties . But they are not limited to this: they can even reveal to us if there is something wrong with our organism as it should.

The nails are in fact composed of keratin and, to a lesser extent, amino acids, fats, sugars, minerals and vitamins: for this reason, their appearance and their changes can be symptoms of nutritional deficiencies more or less serious and even of pathologies in progress. Just learn to observe them.

Here, for example, are some cases in which nails can act as spies of our physical form and our state of health:


Nails with white spots

Most often, the white specks that appear on the nail surface are air bubbles caused by minor traumas (for this reason they are quite frequent in nail eaters). Alternatively, they can reveal one zinc deficiency in the body.

Streaked nails horizontally

If your nails have horizontal streaks, this could mean that you are not getting the right amount of Vitamin A, of B vitamins or football. The only remedy is a more varied and balanced diet.

Vertically streaked nails

Vertical streaked nails are a symptom of nutritional deficiencies and in particular of a possible insufficiency in the contribution of iron.

Thickened nails

The fingernails that get thicker as you go could reveal the existence of circulatory problems, due to deficiencies in the cardiovascular system.

Very brittle or chipped nails

Very often, the brittle or flaking nails they are a consequence of our daily activities, from washing dishes and clothes by hand, without gloves, the use of substances or particularly aggressive detergents. In some cases, however, they may indicate one nutritional deficiency, to be fought by improving the daily intake of Vitamins, proteine mineral salts, or they can be a symptom of thyroid problems (especially if the nails are soft and free of lunula).

"Spoon" nails

If your nails, in the absence of trauma, are dug inwards and protruding outwards, until they take the curious shape of a spoon, they could indicate that you have a strong iron deficiency or of thethyroid dysfunction.

Blue nails around the lunula

When the nails take on a bluish color all around the lunula they can reveal breathing problems quite serious.

White nails

Very pale, almost white nails can be symptom of anemia, kidney dysfunction or problems with the liver.

Yellow nails

The nails are often yellowed by contact with particular substances, such as for example nicotine for smokers. If this is not the case for you, know that yellow nails can be spies breathing problems or diabetes or, finally, of liver dysfunction.

Falling off nails

If you notice some sort of exfoliation of the nail plates it could be drug intoxication or the so-called Reynaud's Syndrome, a disease that blocks the blood supply to the fingers.


To really take care of your nails (as well as your health ...) it is important defend them from trauma and microtrauma, perhaps using gloves when carrying out various jobs and tasks, e vary yours diet, so that it gives you the right amount of protein (essential for the formation and growth of the nail), di Vitamins (in particular A, B and D) and of mineral salts (such as magnesium and iron).

In any case, if looking at your nails you notice obvious changes and you suspect that there is something strange, do not allow yourselves to be alarmed e do not resort to diagnosis do-it-yourself: rather, talk to a dermatologist!

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