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Flaking and brittle nails, causes and natural remedies. Are your nails brittle and tend to flake off? The causes of the problem can be very different, but fortunately there are numerous natural remedies that you can use to solve it. Seeing your doctor or herbalist, especially in cases where the problem appears difficult to treat, may be the ideal solution for you.

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Your nails are fragile e they tend to flake off? The causes of the problem can be very different, but luckily there are numerous natural remedies to try to solve it. Seeing your doctor or herbalist, especially in cases where the problem appears difficult to treat, may be the ideal solution for you.

Here are some useful tips and remedies for flaking and cracking nails.



Don't forget that nails are important spies of our health. Their appearance can be a symptom of problems or deficiencies that we are not aware of. Here are some of the causes most common of the brittle nails and which tend to flake off:

Aggressive detergents

I detergents and harsh cleansers can contribute to ruining some rather brittle nails. Always pay attention to the products you use. It is better to choose ecological detergents based on harmless ingredients as much as possible, to respect bothenvironment than ours health.

Enamels and reconstruction

Frequent use of enamels, perhaps not of excellent quality and based on aggressive ingredients, and some types of nail reconstruction they can aggravate the problem of their fragility and cause breakage and flaking.

Anemia and thyroid

Beware, brittle or flaking nails can be a symptom of anemia, of dehydration or gluten intolerance. If the nails are very soft, they may signal a thyroid problem. To be sure, ask an expert.

Fungal infections

Le fungal infections can contribute deterioration of the nails, hands or feet, and making them more fragile than expected. If you notice your nails changing in appearance, flaking or yellowing, it could be a fungal infection. See your doctor for a checkup.

Nutritional deficiencies

Some shortages could cause brittleness and flaking of the nails. So pay attention to the contribution of zinc, Vitamin B6 and B5, which stimulate the correct development of the nails and their growth. Brittle nails may also be a sign of a deficiency Vitamin A or football.

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Natural remedies for flaking nails

Extra virgin olive oil

Il massage with extra virgin olive oil it is one of the best known natural remedies for strengthen nails and to take care of it. You can massage them regularly with a few drops of oil, or make compresses with the help of a few cotton balls.

Water and lemon

Another natural remedy considered useful for the treatment of brittle nails is represented by a mixture of water and lemon, in which to immerse them or with which to massage them constantly. This remedy also helps reduce yellowing of the nails themselves.


Since aggressive cleansers can damage your nails in the long run, always remember to prevent this from happening wear gloves when you dedicate yourself to cleaning the house and when you wash the dishes, especially if your nails tend to appear brittle and flake. Wearing gloves during cleaning and housework protects them from microtrauma that could damage them.

Wheat germ oil

The expert in natural remedies Danièle Festy, in "My Bible of essential oils" suggests massaging hands and nails two or three times a week with a mixture composed of 5 milliliters of Wheat germ oil and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. It is a suitable remedy for brittle and flaking nails.

Vitamins and minerals

If the brittleness of the nails is caused by a lack of vitamins or minerals in your diet, you could evaluate with your method the possibility of enriching it with correct foods and, if that's not enough, with some suitable supplements.


Among the most useful herbal remedies in case of brittle and flaking nails we find thehorsetail, Also known as pony tail. It is a'remineralizing herb, useful both for the problem of brittle and flaking nails, and for hair loss. Your herbalist will be able to suggest the most suitable natural horsetail products based on your health conditions.

Tea Tree Oil

Il Tea Tree Oilthe Tea Tree essential oil, is one of the most suitable natural remedies to treat nails that have been affected by afungal infection. You can apply small amounts of Tea Tree Oil to the affected nails once or twice a day. Ask your herbalist for more information.

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If your nails are brittle and tend to flake off, don't forget to maintain proper hygiene and take care of the manicure. Better to keep the nails rather short. Cut them into a crescent with a scissors, following their shape natural, and file them carefully to prevent them from flaking due to unexpected trauma.

Mild cleaners

The soap or detergent you use to wash your hands could contribute to the problem of flaking nails if the product is too aggressive. From time to time you may want to try replacing it with some completely natural remedies for washing your hands: the chickpea flour, oatmeal or l 'Moroccan clay (ghassoul). A small amount is enough to mix with a few drops of warm water. Then you will massage the mixture obtained gently, as for normal hand washing.

Sweet almond oil

Another oil considered very useful in case of fragile and flaking nails is represented bysweet almond oil. You can massage your nails every night with a few drops of this natural product, which you can buy in herbal medicine.

Finally, if your nails are brittle and tend to flake off, avoid nibbling them. THU you will find some useful remedies foronychophagy.

You know other natural remedies useful for flaking nails?

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