Meteorism and a swollen belly? Improve your digestion with food and more ...

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To relieve a swollen belly it is important to intervene on nutrition and lifestyle, but some natural remedies can also help us.

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Abdominal bloating linked to poor digestion and excessive intestinal gas production is a disorder that unites many women and which depends on several factors.

To alleviate the annoying symptoms and regain a flat stomach in view of the summer it is important to intervene on nutrition and lifestyle, but also some natural remedies can help us.


How natural remedies work to deflate the belly

To relieve abdominal bloating, meteorism and other symptoms associated with the accumulation of gas in the intestine, extracts of carminative plants are used in herbal medicine.

These are plant extracts capable of decreasing the production of gas or promoting its elimination by relaxing the gastrointestinal muscles.

In addition to a direct action on the formation and elimination of gas, some carminative plants contain essential oils capable of acting on the intestinal bacterial flora, improving the composition of the microbiota and thus bringing great benefits in case of meteorism and flatulence.

Several phytocomplexes with carminative action also have surfactant properties that help reduce abdominal swelling as they exert a surfactant action on gas bubbles, facilitating their elimination.

What supplements can help us

As we have seen, to promote the elimination of intestinal gas, deflate the belly and regain a flat stomach it can be very useful to use supplements such as relaxcol®, theFood supplement formulated by crystalfarma and recommended to improve intestinal motility and reduce abdominal swelling.

Thanks to the synergy of the plants used da crystalfarma abdominal tension relief and symptom relief are almost immediate. Furthermore, relaxcol®, contains carob seeds and fruit oligosaccharides that help improve the balance of the intestinal flora over time, it is recommended to take the tablets before main meals.

If, in addition to abdominal bloating, meteorism and flatulence, you also feel a sense of fullness after meals, nausea and aerophagia, you can instead resort relaxcol® +, a formulation enriched with ginger, a remedy known for its effectiveness against nausea and digestive difficulties.

relaxcol® + è formulated in triphasic tablets to be taken before meals, which allow you to have a quick relief from symptoms and reduce abdominal swelling in the medium term, quickly solving the problem of a swollen stomach, especially if associated with a balanced diet and regular physical activity .

Meteorism and swollen belly, how to improve digestion

Bloating and abdominal tension accompanied by aerophagia, meteorism and flatulence are consequences of the excessive production of gas in the intestine.

These are disorders that affect a large part of the population, especially women, and which can have a major impact on the quality of life since, in addition to causing the aesthetic discomfort given by the swollen belly, they cause pain and a strong sense of heaviness and discomfort.

The increased production of gas in the intestinal tract is generally a consequence of the alteration of digestive processes, including the slowing of gastric emptying, the increase in acidity in the stomach and changes in the intestinal microbiota and peristalsis, i.e. bowel movements.

Digestive problems are often linked to improper eating habits, but they can also depend on genetic and psychological factors or diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, obesity and diseases affecting the liver and stomach.

In the absence of specific ailments, to deflate the belly in anticipation of summer, it is possible to intervene on several fronts.

First of all it is always advisable to correct the nutrition with the help of a qualified person.

It is also useful to associate moderate physical activity to the diet both to tone the abdominal muscles and to promote intestinal transit: a few exercises a day or a brisk walk are sufficient.

Finally, nature offers us targeted solutions that can alleviate the symptoms associated with excessive intestinal gas production and eliminate abdominal bloating faster.

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