Insomnia: it is also the fault of the full moon

    Full moon, insomnia. The moon affects the quality of our sleep. When the moon is full we sleep less.

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    full moon e insomnia. Experts have identified a correlation between the moon phases and difficulty falling asleep. When the moon is full we sleep less and we struggle to fall asleep. The influence of the moon on the tides, the time of childbirth and theagriculture it has been known for some time; now science has investigated its effects on sleep.

    In fact, there is a close correlation between the phases of the moon and the rhythms of human sleep. When there is a full moon it takes about 5 more minutes to fall asleep e we sleep 20 minutes less. If we struggle to sleep on summer evenings, it might not be just because of the heat, but also because of the phase in which the moon is.

    The researchers ofUniversity of Basel they placed a group of 30 volunteers under observation to understand the correlation between moon phases and rest. The results of the study in question were published in the pages of the scientific journal Current Biology all’interno dell’articolo “Evidence that the Lunar Cycle Influences Human Sleep”.

    Until now, science had not been concerned with investigating the relationship between the phases of the moon and the sleep cycle. During the research, the experts took into account objective and subjective measurements regarding the variations of sleep according to the phases of the moon, which could affect our rhythms of wakefulness and rest. Scientists speak of circalunar rhythm.

    The observations have been conducted on a group of 30 volunteers. The scientists monitored brain activity during sleep, during the course of doing NREM (the "non-REM" phase of Deep sleep) and took into account the secretion of hormones such as melatonin and cortisol by the body.

    Insomnia: it is also the fault of the full moon

    They were able to discover that during the full moon the activity of the brain related to the phase of deep sleep is reduced by 30% and that the time it takes to fall asleep is 5 minutes longer. Total sleep duration was 20 minutes shorter. There qualità del sonno, determined in a subjective way, of the volunteers it decreased in the full moon phase, as well as the levels of melatonin produced by the body. According to experts, the influence of the moon could affect our circadian rhythm, which is regulated by the alternation of light and dark and which determines the propensity of our body to rest.

    Marta Albè

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