If you recognize yourself in more than half of these 10 signs, perhaps you have truly found the key to happiness

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Are you really happy? You may not be realizing it, but not everyone can boast these signs that prove it to you and others 

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It is really easy to recognize on the fly a happy person. Being close to her immediately makes us feel better. Talking to her is an immediate source of inspiration and well-being. Happy people convey serenity and warmth.

They are balanced, they feel good both alone and in the company of others and are not tied to particular constraints or conditions. In short, they are free and, above all, they smile. Are you really happy?

Here are some signs you might recognize yourself in.


You appreciate essentiality

Essentiality and minimalism are the watchwords of many happy people. The lucky ones, in fact, have discovered that happiness does not reside in the objects we possess and in what we accumulate. Buying something new, but not really useful, gives one only fleeting joy. In the case of happy people, the accumulation of material goods as an end in itself stops to make room for the search for emotions and new bonds.

Cultivate friendships

Smiling, serenity-inspiring people usually don't have a hard time make new friends. They are open to others and to confrontation with the most different points of view from their own. They rejoice for the successes of those around them, without any envy. They do not neglect the network of bonds they have built over the years and try to keep alive the relationships with people who for various reasons they have not seen for some time. Their friendship puzzle is always ready to be enriched with new contacts.

You appreciate the little things and the single moments

Few people know how to fully appreciate i little happy moments of every day and the details that make us hope for the future of the world and humanity. This is because the worries of life appear to be more and more important than the willingness to feel happy and joyful. Breaking down and ruminating on problems does not improve the situation. The little things to rejoice in are here to help us live better. Just notice them and let yourself be fascinated.

You smile

The smile is the most immediate instinctive trait of happy people. It is a flash of joy that is drawn on the face and that is ready to be given to others, even to strangers who pass by by chance. Smiling, perhaps for almost no apparent reason, generates positive energies and can only push those who see us joyful to imitate us. We remember that smiles are free and that give a moment of positivity both to ourselves and to others. (Smiling: 15 Health Benefits. All the Power of a Smile)

Don't judge others

Who is happy he wastes no time judging others, does not struggle to express opinions on the choices and the existence of people more or less known. In the face of those around him, he seeks only positive sides. He always has something nice and fun to tell others. He knows how to listen, discuss without boring and leave it to others all freedom That they need. As he points out The Pyramid of Happiness, judging for the sake of it is an illusory gesture, which does not bring any benefit.


Those who are truly happy know that joy is not really joy if it is not shared. For this reason he is able to build peaceful moments for himself and for others. He never despairs even in the most difficult situations and in the face of life's obstacles. He shares the joys and moments of bewilderment with others, but the positive moments always prevail. Because those who are truly happy face the future without fear and never give up.

Ask for help and gladly offer it

Happy people too they need help occasionally. Asking for help and offering it in turn is the basis of a positive exchange between people. We may not be fully aware of it, but our lives are always somehow interconnected with those of others. Doing something positive for those close to us will have a beneficial effect on ourselves, and vice versa, in all helping relationships.

You have no trouble sleeping

Who usually lives peacefully has no difficulty falling asleep and does not turn around for hours in the blankets, tormented by the worries and annoying thoughts of the day. This does not mean that happy people do not have to deal with some daily boredom, but it does indicate that they know how to dedicate the right rest to their body and mind. They know that the night brings advice and that probably the next morning, when they are more lucid, they will easily find a solution to the problem.

You have positive thoughts

We are what we think, this is the truth. And we will become what our thoughts shape every day. That's why happy people try to make room for positive thoughts. In this way the mind relaxes and everything seems to flow more easily. Thinking positive does not mean living disconnected from reality, but knowing that there is a solution to every problem. So there is no reason to break down.

You are open to news

Happy people they are open to news and build step by step a concrete change to reach the predetermined goal. They are not afraid of the future, as they live in the present, and are not excessively tied to the past. Happiness, if we really want to find it, can only be in the here and now. We don't know what will happen in the future and we don't have the ability to go back in time. We are a choose to be happy - despite everything - and we can already become one from this moment.

What makes you happy?

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