How Yoga Changes Your Brain. The new study

Yoga is good for the brain and reshapes the mind: science confirms.

It's good for the brain and riplasma it mind, benefits thoughts and invigorates the body: it yoga reconfirms itself as the winning weapon against stress and convolutions of the head. The brain, in short, with yoga finds and rediscovers its ideal balance thanks not only to the whole series of breaths and to the various positions suited to the energy centers, but also thanks to that ability to remodel some structures of the brain.

To confirm this is a research published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology which contains several scientific results according to which the asanas - that is the different positions - have the ability to lowering the hormone cortisol which, by inducing stress, implies a series of inflammatory effects for the organism. From here, from chronic inflammation, a more or less infinite succession of pathologies arises.

In fact, the benefits of a millenary practice such as yoga are already well known: it gives rise to more gray matter in the memory area, reduces the activity of the "reptilian" area of ​​the brain, the amygdala, which triggers fears , and increases that of the parasympathetic system, which gives relaxation, rests and promotes digestion.
According to Harvard Medical school researcher Greenberg, various analyzes have observed changes in the brain structures of volunteers before and after yoga classes and mindfulness meditation: those that are the structures connected to attention, thought, awareness have increased in volume.

"After 8 weeks of training - he explains - the participants' brains showed an increase in the hippocampus gray matter, involved in learning and memory". And not only that: those who dedicate themselves to meditation and yoga would also have a larger "insula", that is, they would have a larger area of ​​the brain dedicated to the awareness of their body. It follows, therefore, that yoga is also something useful for becoming aware of one's body and modeling it in the best possible way.

Finally, a research published in 2017 in International Psychogeriatric, examined a group of seniors with moderate cognitive problems who alternately followed 12 weeks of kundalini yoga class or verbal therapies for memory recovery. If the mnemonic abilities they increased in both groups, the elderly yogis rather had an improvement in verbal and visual functions and in the ability to make decisions and plan projects.

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In short, studies after studies prove that yoga is good for the body and mind. It can be used in the treatment of conditions of anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating or sexual disorders, keeps hypertension at bay, relieves pain and is simply a good habit of self-care. Here, now you know how a simple sun salutation can change your brain and your lifestyle.

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