Yoga: Practicing is as good for the heart as other physical activities

A large review of previous studies found that yoga is as effective in preventing cardiovascular disease as other physical activities such as running or cycling.

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Many people are still convinced that it is yoga is only beneficial on a psychological and nervous level. In reality this is not the case at all and in fact more and more scientific researches have highlighted the positive effects of this practice on our whole organism as well as on our mind. Today the focus is on benefits that this practice gives to the heart.

A new study, which was based on the review of 37 research on the subject with a total sample of almost 3 thousand people, he highlighted how yoga is particularly useful for the heart as it is helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Because? as stated by Myriam Hunink, principal author of the study, "the physiological explanation of these effects remains unclear" even if it is hypothesized that many exercises and postures typical of yoga allow better oxygenate the different parts of our body, among other things lowering blood pressure.

However, it is thus confirmed that yoga has beneficial effects on the body and in particular on the heart like other physical activities considered more tiring and demanding such as running and cycling. Among other things, experts underline that this discipline of oriental origin also offers considerable advantages in the prevention of cholesterol, obesity and other diseases, with the exception of diabetes for which there are currently no findings.

"This is important news - the researchers declare in the conclusions of their study - since it reassures not only those who do not want to perform aerobic exercise, but also those who for various reasons cannot cope with certain activities, such as elderly individuals with low exercise tolerance or those with pre-existing pathological heart conditions ”.

The research was conducted byErasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health di Boston and saw its publication in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

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