Yoga: Practicing is also good for your sex life

    Yoga: Practicing is also good for your sex life

    Breathing and yoga exercises, massages and relaxation are also good for your sex life. Better if everything is done together with your partner or without clothes!

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    Who practices yoga he knows how many benefits this ancient tradition can bring to his life. We have also already talked about how breathing and yogic techniques improve sexual life. And it's not just about theories, all of this is also confirmed by scientific research.

    News in this sense comes from the Loyola University Health System in Maywood where Susan Walsh, psychologist andYoga teacher at the Sexual Wellness Clinic, he wanted to experience the effects of yoga practiced as a couple (together with his partner), evaluating in particular the changes that have occurred in the sexual understanding of those who took part in the experiment.

    Well we have seen that determined postures, breathing exercises but also massages and moments of relaxation, make couples regain mutual trust, they release tensions and increase desire, especially in those cases where the long years spent together have made us forget the passion of the early days. “Time, in marriages, can foster distancing and resentment. Partner Yoga can clear this negative energy and help a couple reconnect and feel comfortable in intimacy again, ”said Dr. Walsh.

    A 90-minute Yoga Partner class is, at the Sexual Wellness Clinic (holistic center), a real treatment that can be enjoyed by all couples and in particular those in which there are problems in the sexual sphere such as decreased libido, painful sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation , etc.

    It is not the only case in which yoga is spoken of as a natural method to better deal with one's sex life. For example, there is the naked yoga, yoga without clothes (or almost). In this regard, you can see the video (which is becoming popular on the web) published by Kino MacGregor, yoga teacher showing the position of the frog, one of the most vaunted in terms of benefits on the sexual sphere! If you are not trained and your body is not very elastic, however, avoid trying your hand!

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