The daily practices to rediscover the magic of silence

In our busy and noisy life we ​​need a few moments of tranquility and silence. Thanks to silence, the mind can finally rest and the body can more easily recover a state of relaxation.

In our busy and noisy life we ​​need a few moments of tranquility and relaxation silence. Thanks to silence, the mind can finally rest and the body can more easily recover a state of relaxation.

The benefits of silence for our health and for our life are numerous. But how can we do to make profitable the moments in which we are able to dedicate ourselves only to ourselves, to silence and relaxation?


Staying silent without a specific goal doesn't make a lot of sense. We must choose silence as a companion from regenerating power with the aim of finding calm or setting our goals for the future.

Does being silent for an hour a day seem impossible to you? To make silence profitable, you can take advantage of this special moment to dedicate yourself to meditation.


How to approach silence

It is not always easy to distance yourself from everyday life either find your calm immediately after returning home to work. It is precisely in moments of difficulty that finding silence and calm can be of great help.

Silence favors intuition e it helps you to recontact your inner voice.


Here are some useful tips to get you closer to your moment of silence:

  • Detach yourself from any form of communication
  • Look for a place where you can be alone and quiet for a while
  • Turn off the TV, cell phone and computer
  • Don't put on any background music
  • Remove any kind of distraction
  • Try not to get too distracted by external noises and stimuli while sitting in silence
  • If you can, sit cross-legged or on a chair, close your eyes and start meditating
  • Let your thoughts flow smoothly
  • Always with your eyes closed, bring your attention to a point within you or to your breath
  • If you hear noises coming from outside or if there are any distractions, start focusing on your breathing or mantra again.
  • Avoid lying down as you risk losing concentration and falling asleep
  • If it makes you feel safer, use an alarm clock to time your moments of silence

Meditation in silence

The meditation in which you concentrate best, in fact, takes place in silence, without background music. First look for a quiet place - one of the rooms in your home where you cannot be disturbed will do just fine. You can engage in silence and meditation while sitting cross-legged, preferably using a pillow. Your back should be straight and your hands can rest on your knees or you can carry them on your lap.


During meditation try to focus on your breathing or repeat a mantra you know. You can devote yourself to your favorite meditation practice, the important thing is that meditation can help you to spend your time in silence in the best possible way.

To better organize your day you may decide to dedicate to silence and meditation 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the evening. When you have an entire hour at your disposal, however, try to dedicate yourself to this practice, to silence and relaxation.

How to end the silence

At a certain point your moment of silence or your meditation will end naturally. You will feel the need to open your eyes and return to your activities. But to make sure you remain silent for the time necessary to rest your mind before starting, do not forget - if you need to - to set an alarm clock.

To avoid distractions, it is better not to use the cell phone alarm but to have a real alarm next to it. This way you can time your moments of silence easily without getting too distracted.

When your moment of silence is over, gently open your eyes, move your body gently, free the leg position, slowly stand up and stretch.

If you want, make a note in a notebook or diary of thoughts or images that have crossed your mind during silence and meditation and treasure them. During silence and meditation, ideas and insights can emerge that you would risk forgetting if you don't write them down right away.

When you feel ready, return to your normal daily life. You will find that you have a new awareness of your thoughts and next actions to be taken.

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