How to get rid of vices and bad habits

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But what happens when even though we have become aware, the vice or bad habit tries to pull us back? How can we fight it without suffering?

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Let us all be clear about what we have to do for live well, just do some physical activity, eat healthy, avoid what hurts us and don't take things too seriously. We know it, yet every time with every opportunity we get carried away and chained by our emotions and our habits ending up always doing the same things obviously always getting the same unsatisfactory results.

Why is all this happening? Simple, because we are informed, but we are not aware. We are living a daydream every day and we tell ourselves trying to seem mature, intelligent and rational that now this is reality and we cannot do anything about it.

What is the difference between being aware and being informed? I will give you a clear example with this short story.

Giovanni was a doctor and he had been smoking for 25 years, practically since he was a kid, sometimes he even smoked more than one pack a day.

Giovanni was well informed about the damages of smoking, he was a doctor .. Yet every time someone reminded her how bad smoking is, he always found some nice joke to counter.

Giovanni had a beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children.

One day Giovanni begins to feel excruciating and inexplicable pains in his chest, I try to ignore them but after three days of suffering he decided to be examined by a colleague of his. It is then that he discovered that he had two holes in his lungs and that a tumor was developing inside his body ... He couldn't believe it, at that moment that news was like a slap for Giovanni that woke him up after years of sleep. From that day on he never touched any cigarettes.

This means being aware. This is the difference between an informed person and a conscious person.

But what happens when even though we have become aware, vice or bad habit trying to pull us back? How can we fight it without suffering?

Simple, avoiding opposing it, respecting our body without trying to make fun of him. I will always take smoking as an example. Using the right attitude, quitting smoking is a pleasure, if instead we try to make fun of ourselves such as buying some electronic cigarettes most likely after a while we will return to smoking.

Because rationally we can also think that it is an excellent system, but at an unconscious level we would understand very well that that contraption does not replace all the "benefits" of the cigarette.

We're alone trying to resist and this is it the first rule for failure. If we want quit smoking or get rid of any other habitand we must focus on how to acquire new beneficial and healthy habits not on how to resist and counter those that torment us now.

Imagine vice as a pendulum to which we are hooked and the emptiness around us. Our life is made up of pendulums, repeated actions and habits without which we are unable to make sense of our existence, we are unable to float in the void. As soon as we are free from a pendulum, we have to hook to another otherwise we will go back to the first one.

The purpose of our life is avoid or free ourselves from harmful pendulums and look for those that allow us to live well and make us happy.

The most effective and efficient method that I know is that of replacement. Without giving up the old habit we must orient ourselves on something else. When we are in withdrawal we have to treat our body or mind like a capricious child. We have to deceive him with cunning and intelligence.

Do you want to smoke because you are stressed? Satisfy the "why" without resorting to the cigarette. Instead of smoking, take a nice walk, it will help you clear up your thoughts and also be good for the whole organism.

Obviously there are many alternatives, just use your imagination. You could listen to music, dance, sing, take a hot bath, meditate and so on.

Got the trick right?

At first it won't be easy it's obvious, this is because we have to consolidate these new habits. And like going home by choosing a different path, it is obvious that we prefer the way we already know to go home, we know how it is done and we could get there with our eyes closed. However, if we take it a couple of times, we will also try the same thing for an alternative route. We just need to be curious and have patience.

If for 25 years you have always taken the same path, you cannot expect to get used to the new one immediately but surely after a while you will learn it better than the first.

The secret is only one, find alternatives that you like, that amuse you, that give you joy! Do not try to resist, do not try to make fun of yourself, orient yourself on something else. It is the most efficient and pleasant way to break free from all kinds of habits.

Much Joy and Vitality,

george louis

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