Hormonal imbalances: 10 symptoms to watch out for (and that affect physical appearance)

What are the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance? And when should we pay attention to it?

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Hormonal imbalances: how many times do you hear about it. A pimple popped out of nowhere, excessive fatigue and, sometimes, even the extra pounds: the constant change in our body is highly dependent on hormones. These little substances respond to our mood, emotions, behavior and even our physical appearance. But what are the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance? And when should we pay attention to it?

The hormonal balance is very fragile and can “break down” for natural or related causes change in the environment or in the organism, although this imbalance can also be a sign of malfunction of the exocrine or endocrine organs.

But be careful: the risk of hormonal imbalances does not always derive from lifestyle or from certain diseases that affect the endocrine system. Sometimes the problem is in the hormones themselves, so always and in any case it is good to consult your doctor.


Symptoms of hormonal imbalances that can affect physical appearance

1. Acne

Pimples can be caused by poor skin hygiene, an unbalanced diet and menstruation. However, if acne becomes a constant phenomenon, without depending on these factors, it is very likely that there is a hormonal problem.

When you have weight gain, for example, the estrogen are reduced and the testosterone it increases, thus producing an increase in sebum production, facial hair and acne. A condition that can in turn cause polycystic ovary syndrome and lead to absent or irregular menstruation.


Hormonal imbalance often becomes the cause of little sleep. But even those who 8 hours a day may seem tired. Often it is the fault of the hormone progesterone, so it is good to know your concentration by taking a blood test.
To check are also cortisol and thyroid hormones: if they are at low levels they can lead to body fatigue.

3. Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is not always related to hormonal changes. However, it is good to check hormones especially if sweating is accompanied by a sensation of heat.

Dark bags under the eyes

If you have dark circles under your eyes, which there is no make-up base that holds, it can be underlying hormonal imbalance. In this case, the quality of sleep is also at stake: keep in mind that chronic insomnia can be the consequence of testosterone deficiency in men and progesterone in women.

5. Depression

It sounds strange, but depression can be too symptom of hormonal imbalance. It usually occurs in women when their menstrual period is near, or during pregnancy and menopause. If you notice that you are suddenly filled with sadness and apathy, check your hormones.

Hair loss

If you notice aexcessive hair loss and that even the best shampoos do not contribute to reducing the amount of hair that falls out, perhaps even in this case a hormonal problem needs to be evaluated.

Hirsutism and increased hair

Conversely, if you have excess hair it can also be due to an excess of hormones.
Dark hair on the torso, face, back of the hands and other areas not common in women can signal that there is a hormonal disorder that may be more serious than you think.


Never underestimate changes in your breasts! Look at it and make all the necessary palpations, pending the annual check-up by the breast specialist.

Know that the density of the soft tissues of the breasts is reduced by the lack of estrogen. At the same time, too much of these hormones can cause unusual lumps in the breasts. So, if you notice changes in your breasts, it can be an early sign of something that needs to be investigated.

Thirst and need to urinate

In this case, insulin levels need to be assessed. These symptoms may in fact indicate the presence of diabetes: type 1 affects children and young people, while type occurs at a later age.

Sudden weight gain

Sudden weight gain is often associated with a hormonal problem.

Keep in mind that while some people manage to lose weight quickly, others gain pounds even during a calorie restricted diet and regular exercise. This may be due to hormones.

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