Heart attack: if you eat too much, over the limit of satiety, you quadruple the risk of a heart attack

Heart attack: if you eat too much, over the limit of satiety, you quadruple the risk of a heart attack

Eating over the limit of satiety can raise blood pressure and lead to the risk of heart attack, research from the American Heart Association states.

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The rise of rates of diabetes and obesity it is having a negative impact on the number of heart attacks and strokes among the population. A infarct occurs when blood flow to a part of the heart is blocked: if the flow is not restored quickly, the affected region of the heart muscle is damaged by the lack of oxygen and begins to die. A heart attack is characterized by chest pain, shortness of breath, and lightheadedness.

Heart attack is seen as a consequence of permanent damage to cardiovascular health. However, according to research too eating a heavy meal can act as a trigger for a heart attack in much the same way as extreme physical exertion, especially in an individual who already suffers from heart disease.

Heavy meals can trigger heart attacks

An American Heart Association study showed how eating a heavy meal could increase the risk of heart attack about 4 times within 2 hours of consumption. Overeating occurs when you eat beyond your satiety limit, causing the body to make extraordinary efforts to support the digestive system.

The researchers looked at 1.986 patients of both sexes and asked them what they ate before the heart attack. Among them, 158 individuals claimed to having eaten a heavy meal less than 26 hours before the heart attack and 25 patients had a "big meal" about 2 hours before the attack (the most critical period, according to the study). One of the authors of the research, Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, said that although there is a clear difference between the risk factors that develop over the course of life (e.g. obesity or high cholesterol) and those that act as sudden triggers for a heart attack, both are potentially dangerous.

There are several ways that a heavy meal can negatively affect the heart. Digesting food releases various hormones into the bloodstream, these increase heart rate and blood pressure and can also lead toincrease in substances that cause clot formation. The increase in blood pressure in turn increases the need for oxygen as well creates an additional load for the heart. High blood pressure can also lead to the formation of a clot which can block a blood vesselhe eats and stuff o hit.

To avoid such an event is keep all possible risk factors under control, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Need avoid addiction to tobacco e practice sports to keep the heart healthy.

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Fonte: American Heart Association

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