Male infertility: 10 causes (and 5 remedies) you don't expect

Male infertility, what are the causes and remedies that can help? According to the ISS, in the last fifty years male fertility has undergone a significant reduction and the percentage of millions of spermatozoa per milliliter has almost halved.

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Male infertility, what are the causes and remedies who can help? According to the ISS, in the last fifty years male fertility has undergone a significant reduction and the percentage of millions of spermatozoa per milliliter has almost halved.

Among the possible causes and risk factors of male infertility experts insert working conditions that expose to radiation and microtrauma, exposure to pollutants from urban traffic, cigarette smoke (smokers often have more sperm with abnormal morphology). The same lifestyle, if too stressful, reduces male fertility. Here are some of the possible causes of male infertility and the remedies you don't expect.


Male infertility: causes

Endocrine disruptors

Last December the Nordic Council called on the EU to ban harmful compounds found mainly in household and personal products. Endocrine disruptors would primarily negatively impact male reproductive health. Among the most feared endocrine disruptors are phthalates, bisphenol A and triclosan. THU all endocrine disruptors suspected of threatening male fertility.

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THEpollution heavily affects fertility: this is confirmed by the results of the research project "PREVIENI", conducted by WWF together with the Istituto Superiore Sanità, the University of Siena and the Sapienza University of Rome and financed by the Ministry of the Environment. The pollutants present in food but also in everyday objects, in fabrics, cosmetics and detergents, “contaminate” us daily and also interfere with our reproductive capacity. Especially if we live in a big city, because bad air quality and other negative environmental factors are added to the intake of these substances. THU all the info.

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Sun creams

The increase in cancers and fertility problems can also be caused by the chemicals in some tanning creams. This is the alarm raised by the European Environment Agency, which has pointed the finger at some components of common sun lotions, which can interfere with the action of hormones, especially in women. Some sunscreens risk chemicals that disrupt the hormonal system and contribute to a decline in fertility. THU all the info.

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According to recent studies, men who take larger amounts of coffee and caffeinated beverages they are also the ones who see the possibility of procreation collapsing the most. Researchers found that those who consumed a lot of caffeine (over 265 milligrams per day) - in a study dedicated to male fertility - had a 19% chance of having a baby born soon compared to 52% of those who did. moderate consumption.

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A recent research conducted in the UK aimed to compare the results of 10 studies that analyzed the relationship between cell phones and male fertility. In particular, we focused on understanding how the presence of electromagnetic waves can interfere with the good health of spermatozoa. THU all the info.

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Pesticides in food, enemies of male fertility. A new study by scientists at Harvard University found that consuming fruits and vegetables with high pesticide residues reduces sperm quality, compromising the ability to deliver a baby. The experts focused in particular on the possible correlation between pesticides and reduced fertility. THU more info.

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Junk food

Too junk food not only can it cause obesity and cardiovascular disease, but it can also put male fertility at risk. This was highlighted by researchers who recently studied the impact of fast food and saturated fat on the increase in infertility cases. Better to avoid junk food in order not to risk damage to one's reproductive capacity. THU other info.

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You sleep 2 hours less than 60 years ago, what are the risks? Some experts interviewed by the BBC raised the alarm on the phenomenon of lack of sleep and the risks of this incorrect habit. What are the risks of the sleep too little? Among the indications of the scientists we find the decline in male fertility, in addition to the increase in heart attacks, poor memory and alteration of metabolism

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Further studies will be needed to investigate the matter, but there is still fear that exposure to electromagnetic radiation can somehow endanger fertility. In particular, according to experts it is important that children, teens and pregnant women avoid placing their cell phones in their clothes. Wi-Fi is a great convenience, but could it be harmful to health and fertility?

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Il Microwave can it be considered a safe tool for cooking or should it be avoided to protect our health? At the moment there are numerous and different opinions and theories in this regard. Could microwave use be related to a reduction in male fertility in some way? Further studies will be needed in this regard. THU more information.

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Male infertility: remedies you do not expect


Le carrots stimulate male fertility and improve sperm quality. These vegetables are therefore not only precious for protecting eyesight and skin, as well as for their richness in vitamins, but also for preventing any problems of infertility in men. This was announced by new research conducted at Harvard University. THU all the info.


Maca is also known as Peruvian ginseng and Peruvian viagra. It is used to treat fertility problems and also has aphrodisiac properties. It is therefore a natural remedy to promote conception, useful for both men and women. You can find maca in herbal medicine in the form of dry or liquid extract and tablets. The dose to be taken is variable. Ask your herbalist for more information.

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Mediterranean Diet

THEsupply it is considered an important aspect of preserving male fertility. Research has focused on the Mediterranean diet as a cure-all to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, but also to increase the chances of sperm reaching the egg. The Mediterranean diet, rich in legumes, fruits, vegetables and grains, could help you become a dad.

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Brussels sprouts

I Brussels sprouts they could prove to be very valuable for both male and female fertility and for couples wishing to have a baby. In fact, recent studies have underlined the nutritional importance of this food. Brussels sprouts are rich in folic acid, which is essential for optimal development of the fetus. They contain vitamins that help improve the quantity of spermatozoa and their ability to reach the uterus and diindolimethane, a substance capable of balancing the level of estrogen and encouraging fertility.

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As for the male problems, in addition to infertility, here is impotence. The ginger it is a tonic tonic, suitable not only against fatigue and asthenia, but also in case of impotence. The aphrodisiac virtues attributed to ginger mainly concern its ability to stimulate circulation and ensure a greater flow of blood to the sexual organs. The merit is of substances such as gingerol and zingiberene. In China it is considered a real natural viagra.

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