Heart: 80% of heart attacks are prevented by changing your lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle is the only valid way to protect your heart

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The assumption is simple: a healthy lifestyle is the only valid way to protect your heart. Prevent a infarct in short, it can be done by modifying some rules of behavior.

A new study published on Journal of American College of Cardiology and conducted by researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, demonstrates that 80% of men could prevent a caridacid attack simply by adopting healthier lifestyle choices. According to research, as many as four out of five heart attacks could be avoided if people followed a healthier lifestyle.

There are five rules to have a healthy and protected heart for a long time:

- follow one Healthy diet;

- reduce the waist and abdominal fat;

- do some physical activity every day;

- stop smoking;

- limit the consumption of alcohol.

By adopting these main measures, the risk of adverse cardiovascular events would be reduced by up to 86%, including not only heart attack, but also stroke.

The scholars, led by Agneta Akesson, examined the clinical data of just under 21 men between the ages of 45 and 79 (covering an average of 11 years of life of the sample). The researchers thus examined the diagnostic and therapeutic advances, which have made it possible to reduce the number of heart attacks, and found that for every new healthy lifestyle there was a real reduction in risk.

Obviously, the more good rules you put into practice, the more those risks are reduced. So, if abstention from smoking and then the moderate consumption of alcohol and then sport and then the reduction of bacon are added to the healthy diet, then yes the advantages are innumerable. In the quest, the men who combined all these things had a 86% lower risk of heart attack. The researchers also found similar results in men with hypertension and high cholesterol levels and also in those already taking medications to treat cardiovascular conditions.

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"It is important to note that lifestyle behaviors are modifiable - says Agneta Akesson - and the transition from high-risk to low-risk behaviors could have a huge impact on cardiovascular health ”.

In short, if eliminating some bad habits is all to our advantage, what are we waiting for to improve and save our heart?

Germana Carillo

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