Does coffee prevent colon cancer?

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A new survey conducted by a US-Israeli team of researchers confirms that drinking coffee lowers the risk of colorectal cancer. And the credit is not only due to the caffeine.

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Coffee e tumors: already other researches had shown in the past how regular consumption of coffee can help with cancer. Now a new investigation by a US-Israeli team of researchers confirms that drinking coffee lowers the risk of colorectal cancer. And the credit is not only due to the caffeine.

According to the researchers at the University of Southern California who coordinated the research, in short, those who consume only one or two cups a day reduce the risk by up to 26%, by 50 if they drink more than two cups and that the risk is drastically reduced if the coffee is espresso.

For the study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, the researchers analyzed the eating habits of 5.145 people with colorectal cancer and 4.097 healthy individuals and their daily consumption of espresso, soluble, decaffeinated and American coffee. At the same time, they considered risk factors for developing this form of cancer, such as family history, diet, physical activity and smoking. After excluding other parameters, it turned out the existence of an association between the intake of any type of coffee and the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

In fact, the results show that drinking one or two cups a day reduces the chances of developing the disease by 26%. The danger decreases as the daily consumption of the drink increases, until it halves in those who consume more than 2,5 coffees per day.

NOT ONLY CAFFEINE - “We have found that coffee intake is associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer, and that the more it is consumed, the less is the risk of developing the disease - says Stephen Gruber. We were a little surprised to find that caffeine doesn't seem to matter much. This means that this substance is not the only one responsible for the protective properties of coffee ”.

Other substances, therefore, beyond caffeine, contained in coffee bring benefits to our body: polyphenols, for example, which act as antioxidants, limiting the likelihood of growth of any cancer cells in the colon; the melanoidine, macromolecular organic substances that are created during the roasting process, which would be able to promote intestinal mobility; the so-called "understood”, Which would defend the organism from oxidative damage.

So can drinking coffee be a preventative measure against cancer? Let's go slowly my gentlemen: the authors support the need for further investigation before this can be confirmed. In any case, let us remember that the abuse of anything, least of all coffee, can have beneficial effects on our body. To prevent cancer, the traditional cornerstones remain: prevention and early diagnosis, especially if you are already familiar, eat and drink healthy and add a little healthy physical activity.

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