Do you know what is the best time of day to take vitamin D supplements?

    Do you know what is the best time of day to take vitamin D supplements?

    Vitamin D, this new study reveals at what time of day it is best to take supplements to reap the maximum benefits

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    This new study reveals how to properly take vitamin D supplement to reap the maximum benefits

    La vitamin D it is a crucial element for our health and well-being. Unfortunately though, many of us don't get enough of it: the reason for this is that in nature dietary sources of vitamin D are rare. For example, a serving of salmon provides about 447 IU, a cup of fortified milk just 100 IU, and a jar of yogurt only 86 IU - all of which are insufficient to cover our daily vitamin requirements.

    Of course, sunlight is a source of vitamin D for our body, but there are many disadvantages connected to this 'assumption': first of all, the sun is not always there, therefore the assumption cannot be constant; moreover, exposure to the sun can be harmful to our skin if it is not adequately protected with sunscreen (which, unfortunately, inhibits the absorption of the vitamin).

    This is why taking a vitamin D-based food supplement is very often recommended by doctors. But how to take the supplement correctly to reap the maximum benefits? According to experts, this vitamin is better absorbed by our body when taken in combination with foods containing fat (such as avocado or olive oil): so taking the supplement on an empty stomach is certainly not a good idea. (Read also: Vitamin D: Symptoms and Consequences of a Deficiency).

    So when is the best time of day to take vitamin D? Being a fat-soluble vitamin, it should be taken immediately after meals and therefore in the morning after breakfast, immediately after lunch or in the evening immediately after dinner. However, if the supplement already contains fats in its formulation (rare but possible case), this can also be taken away from them and in this case the time is not essential. It is therefore advisable to always carefully read the label of the drug that we are about to ingest, to check if the supplement contains a percentage of fat or oil to facilitate its absorption.

    But is it true that vitamin D deficiency compromises the quality of our sleep? The scientific literature still appears to be uncertain on this point. Until now, some studies have shown that vitamin D is involved in the production process of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm and sleep phases; it would also seem that a deficiency of this element is responsible for a short and disturbed sleep, but further studies are needed in this regard to attest the effective link between vitamin D and sleep.

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    Fonte: National Library of Medicine

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