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The intake of common drugs could sometimes be avoided by turning to some natural and herbal remedies. There is also the possibility of massages. Here are 10 tips for trying to relieve back pain naturally.

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Il backache it can be considered among the pains that most commonly afflict those who habitually make heavy physical exertion and those who assume an incorrect posture during the day. But you can solve the problem with i natural remedies? In most cases, the answer is yes, so we present the most effective ones.


Back pain, causes

Back pain can originate from different causes, one of the most frequent is undoubtedly the incorrect posture, due in particular to the unbalanced distribution of weight when standing or walking, or to incorrect positions while sitting at a desk or driving.

Other possible causes of back pain are excessive sedentary lifestyle, physiological problems (for example inflammation of the sciatic nerve or the presence of a hernia), pain reflected from the intestine, muscle tears or excessive physical load, for example in those who practice sports or do heavy work. Among the possible triggering causes there is then the reckless use of smartphones that we have been doing in recent years which forces us to an absolutely unnatural position of the upper back and neck.


We often underestimate the fact that too stress can act negatively on back pain as, as we now know, worries and nervousness affect not only our mind but also the body. Emotions and mental tensions, in fact, they can cause various inconveniences to our body including problems with the spine and muscles that tend to be more and more tense and become inflamed.


In summary, back pain can originate from:

Incorrect posture
• Physiological problems (inflamed sciatic nerve, hernia, etc.)
• Reflex pain from the intestine
• Tears
• Hard works
• Too much sport

Back pain, low

Back pain can be low, that is, it can appear in the area closest to the buttocks. In this case, back pain it can be confusing easily with kidney pain. Women may experience lower back pain, for example during the menstrual cycle or in the immediately preceding phase. The doctor or physiotherapist will assess the real source of the problem.

Back pain, high

The back can then be painful in the upper area, that of the shoulders or even higher at the level of the cervical spine. Inflammation located higher up is common if you spend many hours in front of the computer assuming a wrong posture that stiffens the muscles of the shoulders and neck.

In all cases, the intake of common drugs can often be avoided by turning to some natural remedies and herbal medicines. There is also the possibility of making massages.

Here 10 tips for trying to relieve back pain in a natural way.


Lo yoga, in its different declensions, it includes numerous positions, called "Asana", able to act positively towards the vertebral column, so as to favor its correct alignment, to make it more elastic and to calm painful states. In addition to the physical point of view, the asanas that work on the spine act from the point of view of general well-being, favoring the relaxation, concentration and energy recovery. It is good to rely on a good teacher who knows how to recommend the most suitable asanas to practice, and which positions to avoid in case of back pain. Some yoga-inspired postures can also be part of it of a real physiotherapy aimed at relieving the back.

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If the backache is due to the presence of an inflammatory state, the ginger root is among the natural remedies recommended due to its anti-inflammatory properties that it presents, like a real natural antibiotic. It is possible to prepare a decoction based on ginger root, by cutting a small piece of the same into thin slices, which must be brought to a boil and cooked in water for 30 minutes, lowering the heat. The liquid obtained must be filtered and left to cool before being drunk.

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Devil's claw

The use of devil's claw, common name of Harpagophytum procumbens, is frequent in phytotherapy in the preparation of remedies for problems affecting the bones, muscles and jointsi, particularly in the presence of pain and inflammation. It is also used in the back pain treatment. Devil's claw can be found in the form of tinctures, herbal tablets, as an ingredient in herbal ointments and as a dry extract obtained from its roots. The herbalist will be able to recommend the most suitable form of use based on the type of problem present.

Arnica montana

Arnica montana boasts a powerful effect anti-inflammatory, which can be exploited in case of backache. It is used for the preparation of herbal remedies and homeopathic and can be found on sale in the form of capsules to be taken orally or as the main ingredient of specific ointments dedicated to treatment of musculoskeletal pain and inflammation.

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Derivative baths

The derivative baths represent a very simple and inexpensive practice of care and detoxification of the organism, but probably still little known. It works by helping to improve circulation, reactivate digestion and eliminate waste. It is a natural remedy also used to relieve painful states, including back pain. Given the simplicity of the technique, well explained on the blog "Naturomania", it doesn't hurt to try.

White willow

The white willow (Salix alba) is one officinal plant from whose bark a substance called salicin, to which a strong anti-inflammatory power. It is also attributed analgesic properties, used to relieve pain, even in case of back pain. Its use, in the form of phytotherapeutic extract, is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hot or cold compresses

Depending on the type of back pain felt, and with particular reference to the lumbar area, it might help to apply on the affected area of ​​the hot or cold compresses, through heated or cooled bearings, hot water or ice packs. The cold could help relieve pain and muscle tension, while the heat will reactivate the circulation and relax the muscles. In some cases, even hot baths may be recommended.


I dried elderberry flowers can be used for the preparation of herbal teas able to relieve back pain, also suitable in the presence of rheumatism. Elderflowers can be left to infuse for 15 minutes in a liter of water to get one beneficial herbal tea to be consumed two or three times a day in case of back pain.

Lavender essential oil

THEessential oil of lavender it is among the most recognized essential oils for the relaxing properties attributed to it. This is why in case of back pain the essential oil of lavender can be used to carry out massages that can act in order to relax the muscles and relieve tension. A few drops of lavender essential oil will need to be diluted in a base vegetable oil, such as lsweet almond oil.

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Cayenne pepper

Natural extracts of cayenne pepper they are used for the preparation of herbal ointments to be used in case of acute muscle pain and tension and in case of back pain. Cayenne pepper can be present in the form of powder or essential oil extract. They exploit the presence within this type of pepper of a substance called capsaïcin, able to act effectively against rheumatism and acute muscle pain.

Back pain, exercises

It can act against back pain with a series of exercises aimed at restoring correct posture but also to tone the muscles. In this regard, watch the video with the advice of Lorenzo Ferrante, Doctor of Sports Sciences, professional kinesiologist and postural educator.


Back pain and yoga

Yoga can be an effective natural method to keep back pain at bay. A research has compared the benefits of this practice with drugs often used to tackle the problem (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen) discovering how yoga actually has nothing to envy to traditional medicine, indeed it would be even more effective against back pain! Did you know that it would also be recommended to practice yoga at work to keep stress at bay and avoid back pain?


Back pain and sciatic nerve, exercises

As we have seen, inflammation of the sciatic nerve can also be one of the causes of back pain. If the origin of our pains is localized here, it is good to act with some useful exercises relieve pain but also overload and inflammation. These can be practiced as long as your doctor has not indicated the need for absolute rest. Here we have presented you with a series of easy exercises that you can experiment with.


Back pain and osteopathy

In the presence of severe back pain, it is possible to act in order to solve the problem at the source, relying on a physiotherapist or an osteopath. The latter technique uses a non-symptomatic approach but aimed at assessing the complexity of the individual. The treatment, which uses manipulations, is aimed at restoring balance in every part of the body thus promoting healing.


Back pain and acupuncture

From Traditional Chinese Medicine comes another technique capable of promoting healing from back pain. It is acupuncture which, as the name underlines, uses some needles positioned in specific points to stimulate balance and health. It takes a few sessions to obtain lasting results but obviously you also need to change your wrong lifestyle that has allowed the onset of back pain.


Back pain, prevention

Back pain is often due to poor posture when sitting (for example in front of the PC) or standing or walking. The pain can also appear, however, because you are too sedentary or overweight. In this regard, here 10 tips to avoid back pain:

Avoid being overweight
As soon as you wake up in the morning bend your knees to your chest and stay like that for a few minutes. To go down, instead, turn on your side and place first one foot and then the other.
When you brush your teeth place a hand on the sink to avoid excessive curvature of the back.
If you have to stand for a long time move and lean your back, whenever possible, on a wall or even better unload your body weight by spreading your feet.
If you work seated to the PC, make your back and shoulders adhere to the back of the chair.
In the car find the right distance from the pedals so that the back is supported and the knees slightly flexed.
If you have to lift the pesi do this while keeping the back straight and the pelvis back
If you iron, adjust the top to the right height for you in order to reduce the lumbar curve.
If you wash something in the tub always rest one knee on the ground.


What do you do to defeat back pain?

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