Why do you always have cold hands and feet? Here are all the natural tricks and remedies

The feeling of having particularly cold hands and feet can be caused by several causes. Here are some natural remedies

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The feeling of having hands and feet particolarmente cold it can be caused by various factors, from the simple sedentary life and poor habit of movement, to hormonal issues, linked specifically to the female body, but also to smoking and circulatory problems of which it would be good to identify the presence. If the problem of cold sensation in the hands and feet is only transient or mild, there are some simple remedies that can help improve the situation. Below you will find some of the possible causes and some natural remedies to warm hands and feet.




According to a recent research, the cause of cold hands and feet in women would be attributed to the action of estrogen hormones, which would act to extreme the phenomenon of vasoconstriction of the capillaries in the peripheral areas of the body, in order to protect the internal organs. It is a phenomenon that is particularly accentuated during ovulation and during pregnancy, in order to protect the unborn child.

Raynaud's phenomenon

It is a phenomenon which can occasionally cause a sensation of cold above the norm, also causing a slight pain, towards the extremities of the body, with particular reference to the hands and feet. It may be a phenomenon that manifests itself more acutely in the cold season and is able to disappear naturally. This is generally not a serious condition, but in some cases it could be related to hypothyroidism.

Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress they can provoke a cold sensation that can involve the hands and feet. This is because anxiety and stress can affect the rhythm of breathing, causing, for example, hyperventilation and acceleration of the heartbeat, making it difficult for the body to have the oxygen it needs available. This can affect circulation and blood flow to the extremities of the body.

Circulatory problems

The capacity of the heart pumping blood to various parts of the body may be related to the ability of the extremities to stay warm. In the case of circulatory problems, it is possible that the hands and feet are the first parts of the body to suffer for one lower blood supply than normal, a phenomenon that can cause them to cool.


To smoke increases the chances of suffering from cold hands and feet. This happens since smoking damages blood vessels and contributes to reduce the amount of red blood cells carried by the blood, bringing a quantity of carbon dioxide higher than the norm. For this reason, smokers are more likely to suffer from cold hands and feet.

Natural remedies

Ginger herbal tea

Ginger is regarded as a spice since heating power. To benefit from its effects, ginger can be grated or used in powder as a condiment, but also used for the preparation of a warming herbal tea.

For the preparation of a ginger herbal tea, just grate or chop a slice of its root and leave it to infuse in a liter of boiling water for fifteen minutes, possibly adding a pinch of cinnamon. The herbal tea can be filtered and drunk hot. Placing your hands on a cup of tea that is still hot could also help relieve the feeling of cold.

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Hot and cold showers

A very simple remedy to improve circulation is toalternate jets of hot and cold water during the shower (contrast shower). The alternation of the water temperature is considered a panacea for the circulation, able to improve the elasticity and the ability to react of the blood vessels, with benefits for the peripheral areas of the body, such as hands and feet.

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Daily massage

Another remedy to promote the improved circulation consists of a daily massage of the whole body using one brush suitable for massage, to be rubbed following circular movements starting from the feet and going up along the legs, and then starting from the hands going along the arms and towards the shoulders.


Fresh chilli or in powder and Tabasco are the spices, most recommended in order to stimulate circulation. These are spices considered to be able to heat the body by generating a real one feeling of heat. They would instead be from avoid coffee and alcohol, as their effect on circulation and blood supply is considered to be negative.

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Clothing and movement

Covering your hands and feet well, especially during the colder months and when you are outdoors, is important to prevent them from cooling down. Wear a few heavy gloves e two pairs of socks to protect the hands and feet as much as possible from the cold coming from the outside, it is a remedy that should not be underestimated. This good habit, to improve circulation, should also be accompanied during the winter by movement andregular physical activity. If your hands and feet feel cold after sitting at a desk for a long time, it is good to get up and make rotational movements with the arms to stimulate blood circulation and warm the hands, accompanied by a short walk around the room to reactivate the circulation at the level of the feet.

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