What do your hands say about your health?

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As we know some areas of our body such as nails, tongue, hair, etc. they can turn out to be spies of health. Let's find out now how the hands are also useful to provide us with information on the state of well-being of our body.

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As we know some areas of our body such as nails, tongue, hair, etc. they can turn out health spies. Let's find out now how also the hands are useful to provide us with information on the state of well-being of our body.

We should really learn to listen more carefully to the messages that our body sends us every day, in such a way as to be able to grasp the first signs of potential ailments. As for the hands, it can happen, for example, to have the fingers, the palm or even the whole arm numb. A situation that can be temporary, following a phase of fatigue or effort, but also turn out to be an alarm bell for more serious problems.

Now let's see some ways in which our hands can communicate more or less serious discomfort inside the body:


Lack of vitamins

The hands may also experience a lack of vitamins, causing general tingling or numbness in the fingers. In fact, remember that vitamins such as E, B1, B6, B12 are essential for the proper functioning of the nerves. In this case it is important to restore the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body in a timely manner. It is good to consult a specialist who will be able to prescribe the right dosage of these substances.

Spinal problems

Symptoms in the left hand, particularly in the ring and little fingers, can be related to a variety of spinal problems, including the presence of a hernia. In most cases there is nerve discomfort or slowed circulation in certain places on the hand.

In all cases of serious injuries you should never proceed with exercises and do-it-yourself treatments but always consult a specialist first. To avoid the appearance or treat minor spinal problems, it is recommended instead to stretch the back frequently, practice yoga, gymnastics or swimming.

Fatigue and tiredness

When lifting a heavy bag or shopping bags with the wrist in an awkward position, we put pressure on the nerves. As a result, we may see tingling in the fingers or tremors. The discomfort usually goes away when the person returns to normal and can rest their hands and the rest of the body. When this slight numbness appears due to the use of the arms or fatigue, a gentle massage can be carried out to reactivate the circulation and relax the nerves.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can make 3 fingers (thumb, index and middle finger) feel tingling. Frequently this problem occurs in those people who perform the same actions with their hands repeatedly several times a day. Due to this, the nerves at the base of the hands are pressed and consequently trigger numbness.
To prevent the problem, you can do some simple exercises by moving your hands and warming the joints before doing the usual jobs.

Circulation problems

The hands can tingle and annoy even following sudden changes in pressure, circulation problems or the presence of real cardiovascular diseases in progress (there are pathologies whose first symptom is identified in a numbness of the right arm).

To improve the condition of the blood vessels in the extremities of our body it is necessary to exercise without overdoing it. It can be a moderate pace walk or gymnastics. Obviously, if you have more serious blood circulation problems, you should always ask your doctor for advice.


Often one of the first symptoms of diabetes is a tingling sensation in the feet which then rises above the legs and passes to different areas of the arm and hand in the form of partial tingling (usually in the left area). This is due to reduced blood flow to a certain area and damage to nerve endings.

Diabetes is a pathology of medical competence depending on the type (1 or 2) must be treated differently.

Buerger's disease

It is a frequent disease especially in smokers. Excess nicotine in the body worsens blood flow and makes it deficient in certain nutrients. The consequence may be that you feel numbness in the fingers or the whole arm.
There are currently no treatments that guarantee safe recovery. Undoubtedly it is good to get rid of the habit of smoking and follow the advice of your doctor to the letter.

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