Walking meditation: all the benefits and how to do it

If we meditate as we walk we can learn to know ourselves better. Walking meditation is a form of moving meditation that involves mind, body and attention. If we meditate while walking it is easier for us to live in the here and now and give the right importance to the present moment. Walking meditation also helps us ease our worries.

In meditation walking, breathing, steps and awareness go hand in hand. For many it represents an exercise in Mindfulness, that is, awareness of the present moment.

Walking meditation, benefits

Walking meditation has numerous benefits. Above all it helps us to practice mindfulness, the improve concentration e ad be more present and receptive in daily life.

Walking and meditating can go hand in hand. There meditative walk it must be slow and focused. Inhalation and exhalation are associated with our steps.

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Walking meditation is useful for:

  • Who needs to exercise against the sedentary lifestyle
  • Who wants reduce stress
  • Who needs find calm and tranquility
  • Who wants to improve the concentration

Let's find out how to practice walking meditation to live better, to find tranquility and to give the right importance to the present moment in our daily life.

Walking meditation, how to do it

Walking meditation it has no particular contraindications and suitable for everyone. To start practicing it, you need to choose a place that is as peaceful and quiet as possible, wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes to protect your feet unless you are used to walking barefoot.

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  • Before starting to walk sit for five minutes cross-legged and practice deep breaths by placing your hands on your chest and abdomen.
  • Then slowly stand up and start walk with calm and slow steps.
  • While walking, the breath is deep. The pace of steps it is guided by the breath and the heartbeat. Sometimes walking meditation is accompanied by Tibetan bells.
  • The steps in walking meditation must be slow and mindful. The foot must always rest well on the ground and calmly rise again.
  • La concentration it has to go to the rhythm of your breath, to the movement of your feet and legs, to the action you are taking in the present moment.
  • After 10 minutes of walking meditation you can take a break, start again for another 10 minutes and so on, until the need is felt.

Walking meditation it is an exercise in awareness of the present moment. Practice it to find calm, when you want to be calmer and leave worries aside for a moment.

Have you ever practiced walking meditation? What were the benefits?

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