Volunteering: Dedicating to others is a great health remedy

    Volunteering: Dedicating to others is a great health remedy

    Helping others by volunteering has a positive impact on health and longevity

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    Sometimes a little is enough to feel good, simple gestures of attention and love, perhaps aimed at someone who needs them instead of ourselves. To confirm the fact that dedicating oneself to others e to volunteer do well, comes an extensive review posted on BMC Public Health.

    Researchers at the University of Exeter in England, led by Suzanne Richards, analyzed 40 studies on the subject and concluded that devoting some of your time to others is good for your healthIn this way, in fact, not only are you more satisfied with yourself and you feel a greater feeling of general well-being but also problems such as depression and anxiety are reduced.

    “Numerous data seem to support a positive effect of volunteering on health, but mostly it is narrative evidence and no one had ever compared the data of the experimental studies conducted on the subject. We have all analyzed the results of experimental research and longitudinal cohort studies, which have lasted a long time, ”explained Richards.

    Certainly the biggest surprise was that among those who volunteer there was a 20% increase in longevity, even if on this point further investigations would be necessary to understand how much doing good to others can really help to live not only better but also longer.

    There is no reliable data on why volunteering is good not only for those who receive it but also for those who do it. There are those who say that the benefits come from the fact that people are very active and generally spend more time outdoors, who is convinced that helping others is so much satisfying on a psychological level to ensure that this affects the immune system and metabolism.

    Whatever the reason: volunteering is "an injection of well-being”As Richards points out. Then find some time to devote to others, your health will thank you!

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