Vitamin D, in spring how many minutes of sunshine a day do we need to fill up? Less than you think!

How long do we need to stay in the sun to get enough vitamin D in spring?

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La vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which helps our body absorb the football and protects bonesmuscles and heart. However, it is not present in most of the foods we consume regularly, so many people can develop one vitamin D deficiency without even being aware of it. However, we have a very simple way to fill up on this precious substance: exposure to sunlight, because when our skin comes into contact with sunlight, our body converts the cholesterol present in the body into vitamin D which will be used for its various functions. (Read also: Vitamin D: how many minutes a day does it take to stay in the sun to stock up on it?)

During the spring season, how long do we need to stay in the sun to get enough vitamin D? Let's see what the experts tell us.

The sun: the perfect source for stocking up on vitamin D.

A study from the Polytechnic University of Valencia published in the scientific journal Science of the Total Environment examined the effects of sun exposure and how many minutes it takes to get the recommended daily dose of vitamin D of 1000 IU (the international unit used for measure vitamin D).

Researchers analyzed the effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays around noon (12.30-13.30) for four months (one per season) from 2003 to 2010, taking into account the time needed to develop erythema and taking the most skin type as a reference. common in Spain. The results showed that in January it takes about 130 minutes to get the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D.

instead, between spring and summer, more specifically from April to July, with 25% of the skin of our body exposed they are only needed 10 minutes. Of course, the time it takes can vary depending on what you wear, where you are, time of day and even age.

So, during the spring, 10 minutes spent under the sun during the hottest hours would be enough to make our body absorb the necessary amount of vitamin D. In winter, however, it can take up to a couple of hours, so it is recommended to take vitamin D following a particular diet or, more easily, with the help of supplements.

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Fonte: ScienceDirect

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