To quit smoking, you need to smell rotten fish

To quit smoking, you would need the smell of rotten fish

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Do you want quit smoking? Have a good sniff of rotten fish, it seems there is not natural remedy that takes! An experiment of the Weizmann Institute of Science about Israel says a lot: the smell of fish at the right moment takes away the desire for cigarettes.

La search, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, puts the Pavlovian conditioned reflex and subliminal learning. Put simply, it puts in association in rapid succession the smell of the cigarette with that of rotten fish, with the result of a strong discomfort for both.

Conditioned reflex - You are a camel and Ivan Pavlov, Russian physician and physiologist, the discovery of this phenomenon by studying digestion on dogs. Pavolv measured the saliva production of dogs in relation to different types of objects and foods, coming to the conclusion that salivation is a process that is triggered in response to a specific stimulus: salivation was that is conditioning and the dogs that responded to the sight of the assistants associated it with the administration of the baby food.

In the case of cigarettes, the conditioning stimulus is given by the smell of rotten fish and the conditioned reflex by the at least partial refusal for the cigarette. The researchers exploited the so-called "subliminal learning" during the sonno: overnight, provided powerful conditioning to some of the 66 volunteers participating in the experiment who were smoking and eager to quit. One third of smokers experienced a cigarette and rotten fish odor in rapid succession during the non-REM phase of rest and showed a change in breathing recorded in conjunction with the stench that he was perceiving.

In practice, the rapid succession served to inevitably associate the two smells, thus reducing the number of cigarettes smoked (the group subjected to both stimuli in fact reduced the cigarettes smoked by about 30%).

In short, the vice does not seem to be completely eliminated, but it is already something to start at least reducing cigarettes, right?

Germana Carillo

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