For Valentine's Day do not say I love you, but there are: it has an immense meaning that caresses the heart

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Here are 10 ways to say "I am here" to a loved one, a phrase that is sometimes worth much more than "I love you"

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I love you: it is one of the most powerful and profound phrases ever. And on the day of Valentine's day we find it practically everywhere: on tickets, posts on social media, letters. There are those who look forward to hearing these two “magic” words, which make us feel unique. But, in reality, there is also another phrase that can sometimes mean much more than just "I love you" to a person. Which? "I am there". And it does not apply only to lovers, but also in friendship and in the family. Because there is nothing more beautiful and precious than giving a little of our time to a person who needs us.

10 different and concrete ways to say "there are"

To make our presence felt to a friend, partner or sister, there are several ways and everything. You don't need big gestures to do it. Sometimes it is enough to simply make yourself available to someone to listen to him and make him lighten a burden he has been carrying around for some time. Let's find out 10 ways to say "I am" to a loved one.

  1. I'm here to listen to you: it may seem trivial, but sometimes your partner or friend just needs to talk a little, whether it's about a problem, a concern that is gripping him or to let off steam. Listening to the other is the first act of love towards someone.
  2. You are not alone: in the most difficult moments of our life it can happen to feel alone, for example when facing a big obstacle or a bereavement. Being told “you are not alone” in this battle can be of great help and comfort. Knowing that you can count on someone can be a huge relief.
  3. What do you need?: don't worry about being direct. Showing love or affection for someone also means taking care of their needs. If a close friend of yours is struggling with depression and can't make it out, ask if he or she needs anything at the grocery store, for example. Or if your partner has some bureaucratic issues but isn't very familiar with it, offer to do it for him. Sometimes pragmatism is worth more than just "I love you".
  4. I'm with you. You can cry on my shoulder it goes: sometimes crying is what is needed most. But not everyone manages to do it easily, out of pride or not to appear weak in the eyes of the other. Being told "you can cry on my shoulder" is a great relief. And this applies to both a friend, your partner or your partner or family member. In some cases, there is nothing more liberating than a cry in the arms of someone we care about.
  5. Tell me how you really feel: often, taken by haste or other thoughts, we tend to ask "how are you?" in a hurry, without even listening to the other person's response. If we are serious about someone, asking them how they really feel can be a great comfort. Behind a "good" there may be a great suffering that has not been expressed for too long.
  6. We will overcome it together: certain challenges that life poses to us can be very heavy to accept. But having an ally who supports us makes us feel stronger right away. Feeling “we will overcome this obstacle together” means already feeling lighter.
  7. I am so sorry for what you are experiencing: sometimes we can't actually make a difference in someone's life. If a colleague, friend, or sister is going through grief or illness, sadly, we can't change that by not having a magic wand. But letting the other know that that pain at that moment is also ours is fundamental.
  8. I'll be right there: there is nothing more beautiful than an unexpected visit from someone you love, be it your partner or a friend. If you know someone is facing a sudden problem, no text or call can replace physical presence and a hug.
  9. I will always be by your side: knowing that you always have someone you can rely on is wonderful. Saying to a loved one "I will always be by your side" is an amazing display of love and can be stronger than "I love you".
  10. I do it for you: in too many cases we are totally overwhelmed by work commitments, errands to attend to and problems. If we really care about someone, making yourself available to do something for them is the best gift you can give. A few examples? In the case of a friend we can offer to babysit the children so that she has some time for herself (even just to take a shower or relax) or go to the pharmacy instead of her.

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