Swollen belly: 10 natural remedies for abdominal bloating

Swollen belly and abdominal bloating. Here are some annoyances that could be solved by improving your eating style and trying to take care of yourself in a natural way.

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Swollen belly e abdominal swelling. Here are some annoyances that could be solved by improving your own eating style and trying to take care of yourself naturally. Remember to chew slowly and focus more on movement they represent good habits that could be part of the solution to the problem.

Here are some of them natural remedies considered useful in this regard, waiting to know what other beneficial solutions have been adopted by our readers for defeat abdominal bloating.



Chilli, with particular reference to cayenne pepper, is considered as a food suitable for preventing the abdominal swelling, as it is able to promote digestion, accelerate metabolism and the processes of absorption of nutrients, as well as elimination of gas and toxins. These beneficial properties are attributed to chilli due to the presence of a named substance inside it capsaicin.

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Fennel e herbal tea made from fennel seeds prove to be two important allies in preventing a swollen belly. Consuming fennel and fennel herbal teas is a good habit, suitable for promoting digestion and a prevent and defeat swelling. Fennel can be consumed both cooked and raw, while the herbal tea can be drunk both hot, lukewarm, or cold, transferring it to a bottle to take with you throughout the day.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as claimed by an ancient popular saying, now considered true even by science. Enrich your diet with fruits rich in fiber like apples, it helps to promote intestinal traffic, improve digestion and prevent abdominal swelling. A real panacea for health.

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Aniseed herbal tea

Aniseed herbal tea is considered an excellent natural remedy to soothe abdominal swelling due to a bad digestion. Following a more abundant meal than usual, taking an anise-based herbal tea can help eliminate swelling in a short time and make digestion easier. The doses of intake and the quantity of product to be used for the preparation of aniseed herbal tea may vary according to the individual health situation. It is good contact a herbalist.

Activated vegetable carbon

Il activated vegetable carbon it constitutes a natural remedy frequently recommended in case of the occurrence of persistent abdominal swelling. It can be purchased in herbal medicine or health food stores and is usually found for sale in the form of capsules or tablets to be taken accompanied by plenty of water. In some cases, one may be recommended real treatment based on activated vegetable carbon. It is useful to consult an expert to understand if this remedy may be suitable for your situation.


In some cases, abdominal swelling could be caused by water retention. It is likely that you are not drinking enough water throughout the day and that your body is struggling to eliminate toxins and excess fluids, which can sometimes accumulate in the abdomen. It is therefore possible to evaluate whether your daily intake of liquids, with particular reference to water, is to be considered insufficient and try to drink more, in order to understand if the swelling situation can improve in this way.

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Avoid leavened foods

In some cases, an apparently unjustified abdominal swelling could be due to a food intolerance. Some foods containing industrial type yeast they could be the cause of bloating and indigestion. Through special tests it is possible to find out if abdominal swelling can be caused by an intolerance. Yeast, gluten, or dairy intolerances can have abdominal bloating among their symptoms. If in doubt, consult an expert. In general, even in the absence of intolerances, but in the presence of abdominal swelling, fried and excessively seasoned or heavy dishes should be avoided, in order not to burden digestion.


Ginger is not only an all-round spice in the kitchen, but also a natural remedy useful not only in case of cough, cold or sore throat, but also for prevent and fight abdominal swelling. In this case it is possible to try to take herbal teas prepared using ginger root. Powdered or grated ginger can be used for seasoning of dishes such as legumes, in order to improve their digestibility.

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Make movement

Abdominal bloating can be accentuated by phenomena such as indigestion, irregular bowel function and sedentary. Digestion is favored by movement, which is considered very important for intestinal regularity, especially in the face of a particularly sedentary life. Simple walks done consistently can help. It is also possible to rely on a teacher of yoga competent, who will be able to show you the best positions, suitable for alleviating the problem of abdominal swelling.

Chew slowly

We often forget about it, but the digestion of food begins in our mouth, through the contact of the food with the enzymes contained in the saliva and thanks to chewing. Chew slowly and for a long time allows the digestion of food to be facilitatedonce they pass to the stomach and through the intestines. Abdominal bloating could simply be due to meals eaten in a hurry and insufficient chewing. Making an attempt to slow down and improve the way you chew certainly does not harm your health and could help solve the problem of abdominal bloating.

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