Sore neck and stiff neck: causes, natural remedies and advice

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Sore neck and neck pain, what are the causes of pain, what natural remedies can we apply to relieve it and what are the tips to prevent it? The neck is a very vulnerable area of ​​our body. It is easily exposed to air blows, tension, stress and incorrect postures.

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Stiff neck e Sore neck, what are the causes of pain, such as natural remedies can we apply to alleviate it and what are the tips to prevent it? The neck it is a very vulnerable area of ​​our body. It is easily exposed to blows of air, tension, stress and incorrect postures.

when the muscles of the neck contract, the blood flow towards them tends to shrink and this can cause annoying pains. The best way to overcome the situation and relieve stiff neck and neck pain is to eliminate or mitigate the physical, external and emotional causes that can cause it.

Here are some helpful tips for prevent and relieve stiff neck and sore neck. All suggestions are for informational purposes only and cannot be considered medical indications. In case of any doubt or problem, it is essential to contact your doctor.



Among main causes stiff neck and neck pain are:

1) Sudden blasts of air

I sudden bursts of air which can affect this area of ​​the neck in the passage from a hot to a cold place, in positioning yourself too close to a fan or an air conditioner, when driving with the window down and in other similar situations in which you unexpectedly expose yourself to a cold current.

2) Incorrect posture

In some cases, neck pain and a stiff neck can be caused by one incorrect posture, for example while you are behind the wheel while driving the car, when you are hunched over to see the computer monitor better, or when you tend to tilt your head to the side to support the mobile phone between your ear and shoulder .

3) Uncomfortable position

In other cases, neck pain could be caused by uncomfortable position which one assumes when one is dedicated to rest e when you sleep, during the night, for example due to a pillow that is too high or too stiff. Pay attention to the pillow you have chosen and replace it if necessary.

4) Heavy objects

Neck pain can also be caused by having to lifting heavy objects suddenly or having to carry them for a long time, finding themselves stressing above all one side of the body. Let's think, for example, of the need to carry a heavy suitcase or shopping bags by hand. In this case, it is better to alternate the sides or use a trolley or a trolley.

5) Trauma and tension

Any type of trauma that affects the head or shoulders can also affect the neck and in some cases cause pain. Let's think, for example, of muscle tears, flick, to a car accident or a bad fall. Neck pain can also be caused by a situation tension physical, muscular and emotional.

Natural remedies

Here are some of the best known natural remedies for neck pains.

1) Cold pack

The application of cold compresses è considered useful in the event that the pains in the neck are due to inflammation. Applying ice or cold packs reduces inflammation in the neck area.

2) Hot pack

Il heat, on the other hand, it can be useful in the case of muscle contractures and for release tensions. Some people may find relief from stiff neck and neck pain with a warm bath, rejuvenating shower, or warm compress. The choice of heat and cold depends on the extent and origin of the pain. In this regard it is always good to consult your doctor.

3) Massages

Again, if the neck pain is caused by muscle contractions, you can choose i massages as a remedy for pain relief. Massages can help relax muscles and improve blood flow. If the problem persists, consult an expert.

4) Relax

Allow yourself a few moments of Relaxing è important thing to relieve the physical and emotional tensions that can cause neck pain. Find a quiet place where no one can disturb you. Sit or lie down and try to bring your attention to the part of the body that is bothering you. Keep a calm and deep breath, close your eyes and try to relax completely for at least a few minutes.

5) Herbal ointments

It could also be useful to apply on the sore neck area of ​​the herbal ointments a basis of arnica and aloe vera, or of tiger balm. The herbalist will be able to advise you on the best ointment to use on the neck and the suitable method to apply it depending on the cause of the pain.

Useful Tips

More useful tips to relieve or prevent neck pain.

1) Scarf

If you are prone to stiff neck and neck pain, remember to wear a scarf or a light scarf when traveling by car or on air-conditioned transport, when entering the supermarket or other places where temperatures are lower than outside.

2) Anatomical pillow

If your neck pain problem is related to your sleeping position, try to buy an anatomical pillow that is right for you. It must be of the most suitable height and be able to support the neck well in the most critical points according to your needs.

3) Yoga

Lo yoga can be helpful in relieving neck pain. Gabriella Cella, for example, it offers some exercises useful for those suffering from neck pain and severe tension in the neck area. Better, instead, do not practice some positions that stimulate the neck or cervical area, such as the "candle" (Salamba sarvangasana) or the asana which require you to look up or down (in this case it is better to keep the neck and head aligned with the spine).

4) Mattress

As well as the choice of the pillow, also that of the mattress is crucial. If you wake up in the morning with neck pain, the mattress may be to blame. According to David J. Hufford, an expert at Pennsylvania State University, it is good to sleep on a firm mattress that, together with the pillow, allows the head to be aligned with the spine.

5) Bad habits

In general, to prevent and say goodbye to neck and stiff neck pain, it would be good give up all bad habits, starting from spending too much time with the head facing up or down during working hours. Improve your workplace, remember to take breaks and change positions while sitting at your desk.

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