Sheets must be changed every week. Here because

    Sheets must be changed every week. Here because

    It is essential to change the sheets every week, otherwise our bed will become a perfect culture for bacteria and fungi

    How often do you change the sheets? An expert microbiologist suggests doing it quite often, otherwise our bed will "host" not only us but also many bacteria and fungi!

    This important tip is given by Philip Tierno, a microbiologist at the University of New York who reminds everyone of the importance of changing the sheets every week. What happens if we don't follow his advice? Our bed will become a perfect culture for bacteria and fungi and as a result we will have a greater chance of contracting infections and getting sick. Being in close contact with pillows and sheets, in fact, we inhale these microorganisms and we could thus find ourselves struggling with colds, sore throats and more.

    Maintaining hygiene between the sheets is therefore important, it should not be underestimated that a third of our life is spent in bed (and you want to put the pleasure of lying down in the middle of clean sheets!). It may also be that going to sleep in a clean and fragrant bed has a positive impact on the problem of insomnia.

    Consider that between pillows and blankets each of us produces an average of 26 liters of sweat and it would be this to allow a greater proliferation of fungi. A research carried out a few years ago found that in our pillows, after a year and a half from the first use, you can find even 17 different types of mushrooms, generally harmless but which could worsen the symptoms of those already suffering from asthma or sinusitis. .

    It must also be said that it is not only a problem of sweat but also of the normal change of epidermal cells that end up in the bed, of vaginal and anal secretions that we can lose on the sheets or of sneezing and coughing that sow viruses and bacteria on our bed. Other external factors that "dirty" our sheets are dust mites and then, if you have pets in the house, dog or cat hair.

    But is making the bed every morning just as important? According to research we told you about, no. On the contrary! On the contrary, it seems that having the bed unmade has health benefits. Some London experts are convinced that the uncovered bed is an unappetizing ground for dust mites which would therefore tend to concentrate less between the sheets and on the pillows with obvious benefits for our health.

    In fact, in our opinion there are at least 10 good reasons to make your bed every day including overcoming laziness, creating good habits and setting an example in the family.

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    And what about the pajamas? According to experts, our nightwear should also be changed once a week.

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