Salt: healing properties and beauty remedy in 4 steps

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The salt is draining and modeling, frees the tissues of our body from water retention and helps to decrease the bearings.

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Il sale has always had a fundamental value for humans and, if its uses are innumerable as a preservative or as a disinfectant, only in the mid-1800s were its to the healing properties.

In fact, just think of how much, on returning from the sea, even if only if we have spent a few days there, we feel fresh and rested (in body and mind!). Of course, this is about relaxation, but perhaps you have never thought about how much credit they can have sale and iodine that the sea gave us during our stay.

If the enormous property of iodine-rich air is now known - so much so that people with respiratory problems are still advised to go to seaside resorts to "breathe" the precious air - and if by now the spas offering the'haloterapia (from "halos" in Greek "salt") - the natural therapy which consists of the iinhalation of micronized sodium chloride - many perhaps do not know that with small gestures (and little expense!) we can also bring some small benefits to our home that the sea gives us.

Di salts there are many but two of the others, besides being sustainable, are also the most useful: that marine integral and that of the Dead Sea.

Il salt is draining and modeling, frees the fabrics of ours body from water retention and helps to decrease cushions.

Your beauty care they will be so thought using both types of salt, but in different moments and in different ways… let's see how!

Our "home made beauty packageSalt-based will consist of 3 step:


First step: the scrub

Start with un scrub to get rid of dead cells and stimulate microcirculation: prepare it using half a cup of fine whole sea salt, 1 tablespoon of ventilated green clay, 2 tablespoons of sunflower vegetable oil and 6 drops of cypress essential oil.

Now combine everything and after having moistened the skin of the body well, massage the mixture gently for a few minutes.

Now take some cling film and cover your legs and buttocks well. After 5 minutes uncover and with one loofah sponge proceed gently to removal of the gommage.

What you have just done is rid your cells of toxins, oxygenating the tissues and reactivating the microcirculation.

Step number 2: the wraps

Salt, as mentioned, helps detoxify cells of toxins, we can then make salt water compresses using cotton strips soaked in saline solution composed of water in which you have dissolved, for each liter, 20 g of whole sea salt.

You will keep these packs for at least 10 minutes and then proceed with rinsing.

Step number 3: the relaxing bath

Fill yours tub with hot water, but not too much, pour a cup of Salt from the Dead Sea then immerse yourself for at least a quarter of an hour.

This salt, unlike the classic one, thanks to its huge concentration of magnesium and potassium, will allow to effectively deflate the tissues, will carry out an anti-inflammatory activity and will give your body a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Il salt from the Dead Sea in fact it not only helps to purify the body, but also a effectively combat water retention and the edema of cellulite.

Once you have completed three salt-based steps, you are ready for the hydration phase.

Step number 4: hydration and massage

Prepare an olio body moisturizing and elasticising: add 2 soup spoons of sunflower vegetable oil then add 1 drop of cypress essential oil and 1 drop of juniper essential oil.
At this point, massage the mixture on the thighs and buttocks with rotating movements for at least 10 minutes.

Done! At the end of your beauty package certainly not only will you feel relaxed heats much lighter and more joyful… the salt in fact it also helps the mood thanks to ability to ionize the air!

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"Water and salt. Inexhaustible sources of life. Two gifts of nature for our health " Barbara Hendel e Peter Ferreira

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