Pomegranate: tips and tricks on how to shell and how to prepare the juice of its fruit

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The pomegranate produces the pomegranate, a very popular seasonal fruit, especially for its richness in vitamins and antioxidants.

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How to shell pomegranate fruit easily? And how to prepare the juice without getting dirty and limiting waste?

The pomegranate tree produces the pomegranate, although in common usage the term in the masculine is very often used also to refer to the fruit, so much so that even the Accademia della Crusca has cleared its use through customs:

The Vocabulary of the Academics of the Crusca, from the first to the fifth edition, has pomegranate for the fruit and pomegranate for the tree, but the fifth edition (the first to record pomegranate) adds that the masculine pomegranate also applies to the fruit, with the support of the Mattioli passage quoted at the beginning.

The pomegranate grains can be tasted natural, or used to prepare both sweet and savory recipes. Prepare the pomegranate fruit juice it's very simple. All you need is a simple juicer, or other useful tools that we will show you below. Here are some tips for opening and shell the pomegranate fruit, and directions for prepare pomegranate juice at home.


How to open and shell the pomegranate

Vertical cut

Place the pomegranate fruit on the cutting board. Remember to wash it immediately after use to prevent it from getting stained. Make a cut with the knife to remove the upper cap and, immediately after, two cuts vertically to divide it into four wedges. At this point it will be very simple to open the pomegranate, as if it were an orange, and remove the seeds from each slice with your fingers.

Horizontal cut

Practice three horizontal cuts to open the pomegranate: one towards the top, one towards the bottom and one in the center. You will not have to divide the pomegranate into three parts, but simply engrave the peel. For easy removal, separate only the top and bottom caps from the pomegranate. At this point, make a cut perpendicular to the previous ones in the center of the pomegranate. Then open it and remove the beans. If the pomegranate fruit is very ripe and slippery, you may find it helpful to wear kitchen gloves.

Bowl of water

Here is a trick really useful and ingenious to shell the pomegranate avoiding staining the tablecloth. Divide the pomegranate into two or more parts with a knife. Then dip the various parts into one bowl of water and remove the beans with your fingers. You can proceed little by little until you have completely shelled the fruit. Remove the waste parts and drain the pomegranate seeds, which will be ready to taste or to prepare the juice.

photo source: wikihow.com

Pomegranate sheller

For those who use a extractor of fresh juices, a special tool has been created that allows you to shell the pomegranate in a few seconds. It is a real one pomegranate sheller reminiscent of a juicer. It is made of BPA-free and toxic-free plastics.

After cutting the pomegranate in half, one part is placed on the sheller, the lid is overlapped and beaten repeatedly with a spoon. You get pomegranate grains ready to taste or to squeeze to prepare the juice. The simple use of the gin is shown in video, while the gin is on sale in household goods stores and online and.

How to make pomegranate juice


The easiest way to make pomegranate juice is to use it squeezer. It involves dividing the pomegranate into two equal parts, as you would for an orange. The juice will flow into the juicer container, while the kernels and seeds will remain separate from the liquid. So in a few minutes you can sip an excellent pomegranate juice. If the juice turns out to be bitter, perhaps the pomegranate fruit was not yet fully ripe. To avoid oxidation, add a little lemon juice and if you want, sweeten the pomegranate juice in a natural way.

photo source: shutterchef.com

Centrifuge or extractor

You can make your own pomegranate juice with one centrifuge or extractor of juices. These are the kitchen machines that allow you to obtain the best extraction of juice from the grains of this fruit. They can be equipped with a specific tool to obtain the juice from pomegranate grains or small fruits. All you have to do is open and shell the pomegranate fruit as indicated above, then pour them into the jug of the juicer or extractor and follow the operating instructions indicated.


If you have a mixer it's a mix from the kitchen, to prepare the pomegranate juice you will have to proceed as follows. Open and shell the pomegranate fruit, pour the beans into the container of the appliance and blend. Pass the mixture obtained through a colander and collect it in a glass. Dilute the pomegranate juice with a little water or lemon juice and drink it immediately to take advantage of all its properties.

photo source: wikihow.com

Vegetable mill or potato masher

As we have seen in the case of the juicer, it is not necessarily necessary to use an appliance to prepare pomegranate juice. You can in fact take advantage of a normal vegetable mill or a potato masher of those used to make mashed potatoes. Open the pomegranate fruit, shell it and pour the grains into the mill. Use it normally after placing it on a bowl to collect the juice. That's it, you just have to transfer the meloagrana juice into a glass.

photo source: mypersiankitchen.com

As for the potato masher you can proceed by cutting it in half with the peel. It is then advisable to filter it to eliminate any residual skin.

You know other techniques to open, shell and prepare pomegranate juice?

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