The best oils to use (in very small quantities) for cooking with the air fryer

The best oils to use (in very small quantities) for cooking with the air fryer

However, to cook with the air fryer it is still necessary to use small quantities of oil. Here are the most suitable

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Using the air fryer to prepare different dishes is an increasingly popular method, in particular because it is lighter, given that very small quantities of oil are required but with excellent culinary results. But which oil or fat should we use? The choice is wide and can go beyond the classic olive or extra virgin oil, especially if we want to make exotic or foreign recipes.

We have already told you practically everything you need to know about the air fryer in a previous article. (Read also: Air fryer: what it is, differences between models and which one to choose for cooking without oil). Today, however, we want to focus on oil which, even if in very small quantities, must still be used in the preparations made with this appliance, in order to make them soft but at the same time crunchy and golden.   

The oil should not be used only if you intend to cook products that already contain it (for example frozen). In all other cases, however, which one to use?

As usual we prefer extra virgin olive oil, a typical product of our territory and full of benefits. However, there are preparations that may require other types of oils or fats, for example exotic or healthy recipes (in which coconut oil or ghee is perhaps used). It is therefore good to know which are the most suitable options for the air fryer.

To choose the best solution you must always take into account the point of smoke of every single oil we intend to use. What is meant by a smoke point? Each cooking fat, whether it is butter or oil, has a certain temperature at which it begins to disintegrate, releasing fumes.

We must be very careful not to exceed this temperature as an oil, heated too much, liberates free radicals and acrolein, toxic to the liver and irritant, the same substance that gives burnt foods their typical taste and smell.

Oils and fats suitable for use in the air fryer

There are several oils and fats that are well suited to be used in the air fryer and go beyond the classic olive oil. However, it must be considered that the choice must also be made based on the type of preparation, or the recipe that you intend to make with the help of the air fryer. 

Below you will find the most recommended oils and greases, starting from the one with the highest smoke point to go down (the values ​​are however indicative since they may vary from product to product, considering that there are different degrees of oil refinement and typical characteristics of each):

  • Avocado oil (250 °, refined 270 °)
  • Ghee (clarified butter) - (190-200 ° C)
  • Soybean oil – (230°)
  • Coconut oil – (230°)
  • Peanut oil – (230°)
  • Vegetable oil – (230°)
  • Olive oil -  (210 °)
  • Extra virgin olive oil – (180°)
  • Butter - 175 °

Consider that there are also gods nebulizers and spray oil tanks useful to dose only a small amount of oil and to distribute it evenly. Excellent solutions not to exceed in quantity and to make our dishes even lighter.

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