Miracle diet: what it is, typical menu, how it works and contraindications

What is the so-called Miracle Diet and how does it work, which promises to make you lose weight and purify yourself in 7 days. Does it really work? What counter-conditions does it have? And why is it becoming more and more popular? 

What is the so-called Miracle Diet that promises to lose weight and cleanse in 7 days. Does it really work? What counter-conditions does it have? And why is it becoming more and more popular?

Sometimes to lose weight you really need a miracle and it is a bit what a diet that comes from the United States proposes called a "miracle" as it promises to make you lose weight and purify in just 7 days.

Those who have tried everything to lose weight are always looking for new solutions to lose weight without much effort and perhaps in a short time. Then there are those who also take the opportunity to detoxify a little. The Miracle diet is aimed at these people who are looking for an escape from their weight problems or who want to improve their health through detox.

But what does this diet consist of?


What is the Miracle Diet

The Miracle Diet was devised by Dr. Robert Morse, chief biochemist and naturopath at the Florida-based Natural Health Clinic, God's Herbs and Nature's Botanical Pharmacy. His book "The detox miracle - complete guide", which explains how this diet works, has sold millions of copies and has become a model for many people in the United States and beyond.

It is basically a detox diet, designed with the aim of eliminating toxins accumulated due to bad lifestyles, unregulated nutrition and more. The purification, however, is aimed not only at feeling better in general but also at the weight loss that occurs, according to the creator, thanks to the fact that the metabolism is accelerated.

It is a fairly free diet but which follows some fundamental rules, in particular it is based on the intake of herbal teas and some foods of plant origin. On the other hand, heavier, fatty and difficult to digest foods are excluded. It is essentially a vegan diet.

How the Miracle Diet Works

The Miracle diet is basically based on the idea that a purification of the organism made using hot drinks with interesting active ingredients (such as herbal teas, spices and flowers) and plant foods is able to purify but at the same time give new sprint to the metabolism which in this way can promote weight loss.

The large consumption of cereals, herbal teas, fruit and vegetables that this diet offers is aimed at draining liquids and deflating the belly. In the first few days, water retention is counteracted and only then does it act on the fat deposits. Herbal teas help not only detox but also reduce hunger between meals.

Raw fruits and vegetables allow cell regeneration and cleanse of toxins, Dr. Morse is therefore convinced that this diet can also maximize the natural healing powers of our body.

Miracle diet, what to eat and sample menu

The Miracle Diet allows you to consume different foods but all belonging to the plant world, particularly recommended and to be used every day are:

  • fruits and vegetables (both in the raw and cooked variant)
  • Whole grains
  • oil seeds
  • vegetable
  • herbal teas

The portions are not very important, just do not take foods other than those indicated by Dr. Morse.

In the morning as soon as you wake up it is recommended to take water and lemon (breakfast can be done after half an hour), while between meals it is good to consume herbal tea of ​​fennel, turmeric, mint or mallow which help to counteract stagnation of liquids and promote detox.

Every day it is recommended to eat and drink:

  • As soon as you wake up: water and lemon
  • Breakfast - Whole grain oat flakes with fresh fruit and oil seeds with green tea
  • Lunch - brown rice or other whole grain with cooked or raw vegetables, all seasoned with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • Price - vegetable soup or a portion of legumes and green salad
  • Snacks - herbal teas (even before going to sleep)

In reality, the Miracle diet scheme is free and can be reversed at will for lunch and dinner.

As you may have noticed, different types of food must be completely eliminated:

  • meat
  • fish
  • milk and dairy products
  • eggs

Miracle diet, contraindications

This diet is very restrictive and should not be carried out under any circumstances by those suffering from diseases such as diabetes, high or low blood pressure, children, the elderly or pregnant or breastfeeding women.

It is a diet that can be done for short periods as it does not guarantee all the useful nutrients but which certainly offers a good opportunity to detox our body. However, this can also mean that, in some cases, side effects of the purification may appear such as headaches, muscle pains and more. It is therefore better, if in doubt, to follow it under the advice and supervision of an expert.

The disadvantage of these lightning diets is, as always, the fact that they do not guarantee stable weight loss. In fact, the people who follow them risk finding themselves struggling with a yo yo effect, which means reviewing their lost kilos in a short time.

As always, we advise you to contact a nutritionist who will calibrate the best detox and slimming diet on you considering your age, constitution, lifestyle, etc.

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