“Fast food is eternal”: this nutritionist mom's shock experiment on Tik Tok

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Eating fast food hurts more than you might think, as this British nutritionist's experiment testifies

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Eating at fast food is more harmful than you might think, as evidenced by the experiment of this British nutritionist, who stored McDonald's products in her pantry for two years. 

We know that the food sold by fast-food chains is the worst we can ingest (although compared to a few years ago we have made progress on the quality and ethics of the products), but this experiment conducted by a nutritionist mother is shared from the teenage daughter on the social TikTok is further confirmation.

The woman, who lives in Essex (England) has for years stored products sold by the most famous fast food chain, McDonald's, and other junk food for two years: her cupboard has gradually filled up with hamburgers, portions of fries, croquettes. chicken, but also as packaged snacks, donuts and gummy candies.

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After all this time spent in the pantry, the food should be spoiled, and instead the videos shot by the woman's daughter (which went viral on the social network) show products intact, as if they had just been bought. This is because the sheer amount of preservatives and other chemicals they contain overcomes the passage of time, making these foods virtually immortal.

The experiment, emphasizes the young author of the video, does not want to demonize packaged food and the world of fast food, but wants to encourage people (especially younger ones) to make better food decisions to live a healthier life.


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