What is the best oil for frying? Olive oil according to a recent study

What is the best oil for frying? Research reveals that it is precisely that of olive having a higher smoke point

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Which oil to choose for frying? Olive or seed? L'olive oil it would be ideal for frying. It is better than seed oils such assunflower oil and corn oil. There frying it is one of the most used cooking methods in the world, but deciding which oil to use for frying can become a real dilemma.

The answer we were expecting comes from one study Tunisian published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the scientific journal ofAmerican Chemical Society. Based on their studies, olive oil withstands the heat of the deep fryer or pan better compared to what happens with numerous seed oils. This allows for the preparation of foods that are healthier. The study in question carries the title of "Monitoring of Quality and Stability Characteristics and Fatty Acid Compositions of Refined Olive and Seed Oils during Repeated Pan and Deep Frying".

Mohamed Bouaziz and colleagues pointed out that the different types of oil have a range of physical, chemical and nutritional properties which can reduce the quality of the oil when heated. Some of these changes can lead to the formation of new compounds that are potentially toxic.

The byproducts of heating the oil can also reduce the nutritional value of foods fried with it. The team of researchers set to work to identify which oil could maintain its qualities at high temperatures and with repeated use.

The researchers conducted their own experiments with four different oils: olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil. The tests called for frying raw potatoes to 160 and 180 degrees. Each oil was reused ten times.

Therefore, olive oil turned out to be the best for frying, compared to the seed oils it was compared with. It would be above all a question of heat stability of the oil. Olive oil was shown to be more stable and resistant to heat and oxidative deterioration in comparison to the other oils evaluated. THE worse results, with respect to the parameters taken into consideration, concerned thesunflower oil.


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