Pollen is back in the air: if you are allergic, try these little tricks right away

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For those suffering from seasonal allergies, the beginning of spring is the worst time of the year: here are some tips to deal with it

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Spring is approaching and, with it, also the annoying problem of seasonal allergies linked to the presence of pollen in the air. Obviously seasonal allergies, like any type of allergy, are real pathologies that must be treated with the support of the doctor and, possibly, also resorting to antihistamines. However, there are healthy habits that we can introduce into our daily life and that can help us counteract the hassles associated with allergy.

First, we recommend that you minimize exposure to pollen: we therefore avoid going out if there is a lot of wind or if the grass has just been cut, and at the same time we limit trips to the countryside or to the park. Furthermore, it is good to delegate any gardening work or pruning of trees and plants to someone else, so as not to expose ourselves to the threat of pollen.

Great attention must then be paid to personal hygiene: it is good wash your face, hair, eyes and hands frequently, as well as every part of the body that remains uncovered and exposed to pollen - this is because the pollen, which floats in the air, ends up depositing on our body and continuing to annoy us even once we return home. If we have spent many hours in the open air, then we also wash clothes and clean shoes for the same reason.

The talk of the accumulation of pollen on our skin and on our hair also applies to the animals we take for a walk during the day: in fact, pollens that we carry inside the house can hide among their hairs and which contribute to exacerbate allergic phenomena such as rhinitis, asthma, cough and sneezing. So let's brush them often or leave this task to someone who doesn't suffer from allergies like us, and avoid them crouching on sofas, armchairs or on the bed, thus depositing their load of pollen on the fabric.

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The air we breathe is responsible for our allergic attacks: if we cannot control the external one, we can certainly act on the one inside our apartment. Our first advice is to maintain a good percentage of humidity in the air of the house, to prevent the mucous membranes in the nose and eyes from drying out too much and starting to itch: to do this we can invest in the purchase of a humidifier.

In addition, we often clean floors and carpets, if any, with a vacuum cleaner, in order to eliminate all traces of pollen or mites that can bother us. We often replace the sheets of our bed, and in particular the pillow case (which is most in contact with our nose): here too mites and pollen accumulate which can exacerbate allergic attacks.

Finally, if the eyes are particularly itchy, instead of scratching with our fingers risking to introduce further pollen into the ocular mucosa and thus worsen the situation, we can make some chamomile-based compresses, with a calming and soothing action: just prepare a chamomile with a normal filter that can be purchased in the supermarket (using about half the water we usually use) and let it cool for a few minutes, then use the same filter to make the compress . We recommend using two sachets, placed in two different cups, for the two eyes - this is to prevent any infections from spreading from one eye to the other.

These little tricks they do not represent a definitive solution to the problem of seasonal allergies, but they can certainly help ensure a better quality of life during pollen season.

At this link it is possible to consult a real pollen "map", updated every week, which takes into account the pollen trend and the concentrations of the different plants, in order to prevent the effects of their presence on our health.

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