Mercury: the most common sources and 10 reasons why it is toxic to our body

We are all exposed to mercury, a heavy metal that is particularly harmful to our body. Here are the main sources we come into contact with and the effects it can have on the body

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Many minerals and trace elements are useful for our body, the mercury instead it is one of those heavy metals to be absolutely avoided. His effect on the body è toxic, degenerative and dangerous as it acts subtly in the long term.

Which ones are they the most common sources of mercury exposure? These are foods but not only ...

- Seafood and fish: unfortunately our seas are contaminated by mercury and it is easy to find traces of this heavy metal for example in tuna, swordfish and seafood.

- Dental amalgam: the old dental fillings, the black ones to understand, were made with mercury and many people still have them in their mouth today.

- Pesticides: mercury is also found in chemicals that are commonly used in agriculture, so it can easily reach our tables.

- Unfortunately, the list is not finished: mercury can also be found inwater, In 'air, in the battery And in the tattoo dyes.

From this list it is evident how sadly all of us, since birth, we are exposed to mercury albeit in small doses. But exactly what are the effects that this heavy metal can have on our body?

1) It inhibits DNA repair, our basic genetic material.

2) It alters the capacity of the cells to allow the materials to cross their membranes selectively (i.e. by letting only what they need to pass through which is not dangerous).

3) Change the shape of the molecules producing non-functional chemicals.

4) Alters the activity of enzymes, necessary for all biochemical reactions in the body.

5) It interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to the rest of the body.

6) Can induce the immune system a create an autoimmune response against the body.

7) It interferes with the function of the endocrine glands and with hormone secretion.

8) Can disable important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and chromium.

9) It can kill the "good" bacterial flora of the intestine, preventing the absorption of nutrients.

10) It can contribute to the spread of “bad” bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics.

All this concretely means that in the long run pathologies such as dementia, depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue, cancer, heart and reproductive problems can develop.

What can we do to limit mercury exposure? Remove all possible amalgams that you have in your mouth, going to a dentist who does it in a safe and timely manner. Use some specific supplements to chelate heavy metals such as vitamin C or other natural remedies that you can read here. Recently it has also proved useful to eat certain foods such as strawberries, raspberries and cocoa (obviously organic).

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