Lumbosciatalgia: causes, symptoms, possible remedies and exercises

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Lumbosciatalgia affects the lower back with pain that can also radiate down a limb and reach the foot. But what are the causes of this problem and what exercises can be useful for relieving discomfort?

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La lumbosciatalgia it affects the lower back with pain that can also radiate down a limb and reach the foot. But what are the causes of this issue e what exercises can be helpful to relieve discomfort?

Also said lumbar radiculopathy but much more commonly referred to as "sciatica", lumbosciatalgia is a condition affecting the lower back and lower limbs. It is about an inflammation that can also be very painful and force to rest for a few days.

Let's find out the causes that can cause it.


Low back pain, causes

The primary cause of lumbosciatica is inflammation of the sciatic nerve due to a compression or irritation that has developed in that area. Recall that the sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve in our entire body, the origin is in the lower back and the end on the foot. This is why a condition of sciatica is easily recognized by the pain that is not limited to being localized in the lower back but radiates down into the leg and in some cases can even reach the foot.

Entering more specifically the sciatic nerve and therefore the lumbosciatalgia it can originate from the presence of a herniated disc, from a discopathy in the lumbar or sacral area, from the piriformis syndrome and other problems affecting this musculoskeletal area.

There are also risk factors for the appearance of lumbosciatalgia, among these overweight and obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, heavy work, old age or physiological conditions such as pregnancy since in the last months the weight of the baby is substantial and can irritate the sciatic nerve.

Also suffer from pathologies such as diabetes and arthritis or trauma to the lower back, buttocks or lower limbs can lead to the appearance of the problem.

In summary, lumbosciatalgia sees the irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve as the cause, which can originate from several situations including:

• Slipped disc
• Discopathy in the lumbar or sacral area
• Piriformis syndrome

Risk factors they are instead:

• Overweight and obesity
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Hard works
• Seniority
• Pregnancy
• Diabetes
• Arthritis
• Trauma

Low back pain, symptoms

lombosciatalgia it is mainly characterized by pain which from the lower back passes to the buttock and tends to descend towards the entire path that the sciatic nerve makes, in some cases therefore it can be perceived up to the foot. The pain usually gets worse with effort and appears only on one side of the body.

You may then experience other symptoms such as fstinging, poor sensitivity throughout the area, jolting sensation on the inside of the leg, muscle weakness or blockages.

Symptoms that appear or may appear in the case of low back pain are therefore:

• Lower back pain
• Pain on the buttock
Pain that radiates to a lower limb
• Tingling
• Loss of sensation
Shocks on the inside of the leg
• Muscle weakness
• Muscle blocks

Lumbosciatalgia, remedies

Keep in mind that it is necessary to solve the problem of lumbosciatica go to identify the triggering cause then acting on it also with natural remedies, if possible, with manipulation techniques by specialists or with exercises to be performed at home.

If you need to dab the problem in the near future, you can experiment with natural remedies effective in relieving a condition of lumbosciatalgia. For this purpose you can try:

Hot salt

Warm salt is a natural remedy that can also be useful in case of sciatica. This simple and inexpensive ingredient is used for prepare a compress to apply to the painful area. Here are all the instructions to learn how to prepare and use hot salt:

  • Hot salt: how to prepare and use it


Arnica in the form of an ointment or cream can be useful for relieving pain and inflammation in the case of lumbosciatica. It should be applied several times a day on all areas where pain is felt, massaging gently until completely absorbed.


Devil's claw

The devil's claw is too a plant with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory power. In the form of ointments and gels it can be used instead of the aforementioned arnica against lumbosciatalgia.

Read also: Arnica and devil's claw: properties and uses

Ginger massage

Ginger is a very effective natural remedy as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. If you have a ginger oil you can use it as it is to carry out a massage, alternatively you can get theginger essential oil, a few drops are enough to add to a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil.


Especially if the problem is recurring or if the situation is particularly acute, we advise you to avoid doing it yourself and instead turn to a physiotherapist or osteopath, professionals who know the right techniques to treat the problem.

To learn more about the topic you can read:





Low back pain, exercises

The exercises suitable for a condition of lumbosciatalgia can be of different kinds: useful a improve posture and back support, make muscles stronger and more robust, work on flexibility and more.

We present a series of exercises that you can do when you feel the first pain due to lumbosciatalgia. Especially if in a very acute phase or if the problem is recurring, we still recommend that you always contact a specialist who will evaluate your situation specifically and will advise you on the most suitable therapy and type of exercises which may be different case by case.

Exercises in 1 minute

In this video you can see some very simple exercises suitable for a sciatica condition that they can also be performed for just one minute a day.

Two exercises for sciatica

Two exercises for sciatica are shown in this image to do comfortably lying on a mat at home.


Exercises for low back pain

Also very useful in case of lumbosciatalgia are some stretching exercises that can limit the compression of the sciatic nerve giving relief. In this video you can see some of them



Yoga offers a series of exercises suitable to soothe inflammation of the sciatic nerve and therefore pain which caused lumbosciatalgia. In this video you will find a sequence of Yoga exercises that you can experiment with.

Have you solved the problem of lumbosciatica? With which technique or natural remedy did you find yourself best?

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