Kiwi diet: how it works, weekly menu, what to eat and contraindications

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Among the many fast and trendy diets there is also that of the kiwi which promises to lose weight in just one week by consuming this fruit regularly along with other foods. So let's find out how the kiwi diet works and what it allows you to eat.

Among the many lightning diets and trendy there is also that of the kiwi which promises to lose weight in just one week by consuming this fruit regularly along with other foods. Let's find out how the kiwi diet and what allows you to eat.

Kiwi is a fruit rich in properties known above all for its high content in vitamin C and for the presence of fibers that make it a natural remedy often recommended in case of constipation. However, not everyone knows that this fruit has also become the protagonist of a popular diet.


Kiwi diet, how it works

The kiwi diet exploits the diuretic and detoxifying potential of this fruit which is, among other things, an antioxidant, low-calorie food with a laxative effect.

Basically this diet proposes to combine the consumption of kiwifruit that are added to every meal (or almost) whole or in the form of smoothie or fruit salad to a classic low-calorie diet.

It can be recommended for people who want to lose a few kilos (2-3) quickly, for example after the holidays to get back in shape in a short time. The kiwi diet should be followed for only 7 days but in addition to paying attention to nutrition it is also essential to drink a lot of water to promote the elimination of excess fluids.

Kiwi diet, what to eat

Those following the kiwi diet can eat light foods such as low-fat meats and cheeses, fish, wholemeal bread and pasta, vegetables, fruit, and low-fat yogurt. At the same time, however, many kiwis must be consumed.

This fruit can be added for example to fruit salads, yogurt, breakfast cereals but there are also savory recipes in which kiwi is combined with exotic salads or even first courses. It is in fact a versatile ingredient, for those who know how to use it.

As for the toppings, the kiwi diet allows the use of two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per day.

Kiwi diet, weekly schedule

We offer you a weekly menu of the kiwi diet by way of example. As always, we advise you to contact an expert who will propose the diet that best suits your needs.


Breakfast: 3 kiwis, 2 rusks with sugar-free jam, green tea
Lunch: risotto with mushrooms or other light dressings, salad and kiwi
Price: soup with legumes, mixed vegetables and kiwi


Breakfast: low-fat yogurt with 2 pieces of kiwifruit
Lunch: wholemeal pasta with sauce with parmesan and vegetables, a kiwi
Price: lean meat with grilled vegetables and kiwi


Breakfast: 3 kiwis, 2 rusks with sugar-free jam, green tea
Lunch: pasta with pesto, shrimp and salad, a kiwi
Price: low-fat cheese (e.g. ricotta) with seasonal vegetables, wholemeal bread and a kiwi


Breakfast: fruit salad with 2 kiwis and green tea
Lunch: cereal salad with mixed vegetables, a kiwi
Price: cream of seasonal vegetables plus a lean sliced ​​meat and a kiwi


Breakfast: skim milk with whole grains and 2 kiwis
Lunch: spaghetti or rice pasta with vegetables, turkey breast, a kiwi
Price: grilled fish with vegetables, wholemeal bread and kiwi


Breakfast: 3 kiwis, 2 rusks with sugar-free jam, green tea
Lunch: salad with vegetables and cheese, wholemeal bread, a kiwi
Price: bresaola and rocket with wholemeal bread and kiwi


Breakfast: low-fat yogurt with two kiwis, an infusion
Lunch: pasta with tuna, seasonal vegetables, a kiwi
Price: Vegetable puree with wholemeal bread croutons and kiwi

All snacks can be made with fresh kiwifruit or with a kiwi smoothie made on the spot, other fruit juices, rusks, low-fat yogurt or rice cakes.

Kiwi diet, contraindications

The kiwi diet has no particular contraindications except that it is a lightning diet that promises a rapid and fleeting weight loss. It must be said in reality that not all intestines tolerate fruit so rich in fiber as kiwi well that if you follow this diet it is consumed in large quantities throughout the day. Therefore, some annoying gastrointestinal symptoms may appear.

We also remind you that the consumption of kiwifruit is generally not recommended for those suffering from colitis, diverticula, acute Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. If you have any type of pathology, avoid this like other do-it-yourself diets and consult a nutritionist.

Kiwi diet, the nutritionist's opinion

We asked Enrica Bovio, nutritionist biologist and molecular biologist, for an opinion on the kiwi diet. Here is what she told us:

"The kiwi is a small fruit, with a low energy density, rich in vitamin C and with a good fiber content, necessary to reach the recommended daily amount and thus to obtain benefits for the digestive system".

Why is the kiwi diet appealing to people?

“Because, like many trending diets, it promises rapid weight loss if you follow this diet for a week or so. Undoubtedly, the possibility that such a diet will work is high because it is a low-calorie diet that would work even without the need to include kiwifruit in all meals. The kiwi diets examined are therefore low-calorie, too rich in simple carbohydrates and poor in complex carbohydrates ".

Do these diets really work? Are you really thinner after a week?

"Actually not because in such a short time you lose weight but not fat mass".

Are the lost kilos maintained once the diet is over?

"No, as soon as you finish the diet you regain the lost weight and you will no longer want to eat kiwifruit for a few months, guaranteed".

Would you recommend this type of diet?

“No, as I would not recommend all diets that focus on miraculous foods (egg, rice, lemon diet) because they do not educate to a correct diet and you will always get the same result, lose weight quickly and regain it just as quickly. The diet should be conceived as a way of life and not as a restriction of a few weeks. If you learn to eat properly, you can lose weight, albeit more slowly, but in a healthy way and it will be easier to keep the pounds lost over time. If you want to improve your diet and your lifestyle, talk to the nutrition professionals, doctors and biologists, who will certainly be able to advise you in the best possible way ".

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